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Snows Gone...New Music...Three Celebrities

Jan 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday has rolled around, and the 6-inch snow we had? Melted away and gone. How many days until Spring?



Mine started Friday morning writing a gospel song with new and first time Grandpa Lee Black who’s a terrific gospel song writer and a member of Legacy 5, a big Southern Gospel group that’s well known in those circles. He too was snowed in on Friday morning as was I, so we wrote on Facetime. Lee brought a great start on a new song idea he had that he wants to pitch to a country-faith based girl group that I know. I’m a fan of theirs too. I think we managed to accomplish what we wanted with the song so now the publishing company will get a girl singer and record it as a demo first, then we’ll send it to the group. We’ll see what happens. But thank you Grandpa Lee for the great idea.



While sitting on the couch Friday night I got a text from my friend Becky Buller who’s a great bluegrass artist-fiddle player and more. She was texting to let me know that a song we wrote together was being recorded and that my friend Darin Aldridge of Darin & Brooke Aldridge was producing it. I don’t know Lori King & Junction 63 yet, but I can’t wait to hear what they’ve done with our song. I know with Darin at the control board that the song is in great hands. So thank you Becky for pitching the song and thank you Lori for loving it enough to record it.



I read an article this weekend that listed the most anticipated new albums of the year. A lot of big names are on the list most would recognize. But also making that list is my friend Jenny Tolman and her new album coming out that I’ll have four songs on, including this one which is her current single. I could not be happier for her, her fiancé-producer Dave Brainard who is a third of our writing team for Jenny. This Wednesday evening I’ll have the pleasure of sitting in a recording studio here in Nashville for an official “listening party” for the new album and I’ll get to hear a couple of the songs we wrote for the first time. Can’t wait. Congratulations Jenny & Dave!



And the “Express Chart” which recognizes “independent” country artists and songs has the Bobby Mackey song “Looking for Audrey” that I wrote with Linda Davis and Bobby Tomberlin at the #7 spot on their chart this week. And just above it in the number 6 slot is “Less to Break” the current single from Scott Southworth that I helped Scott write. Pretty cool. I’m rooting for both songs to make it to the top of that chart!  No need to stop now!



My wife and I pulled up a new movie George Clooney produce for Prime over the weekend, “The Tender Bar” with Ben Affleck starring. Christopher Lloyd is in it too and the young actor playing the kid that wants to be a writer Ty Sheridan is great. We loved it, but as always, I suggest you watch the trailer and make your own decision as to whether it’s something for you.


And I also watched the documentary Rudy Ruettiger which is the real-life story of “Rudy” from that Notre Dame movie that I love. Heck, who doesn’t love this movie? This documentary is on Prime also and you’ll find the real Rudy even more motivating than the guy who played him on the movie that was written by the same group that wrote “Hoosiers”. Quite the story, and it will make you realize you need to dream big and not give up on them.



That would be 98-year-old Don Huisenga from Abilene, Texas. Don is a World War II veteran. He parachuted into Normandy on D-Day. And he went back to school and just got his high school diploma.



Some of the so called “experts” are saying that a full return to work at offices is dead and that “remote” work will continue to grow. More proof of that showed up on a CBS 60 Minute’s episode last night when the Karin Kimbrough the chief economist for LinkedIn revealed that a few years ago only 1 in 67 of us worked remotely. Now, during pandemic times 1 in 7 work remotely.


76 school bus drivers in North Carolina got Covid-19. No school bus service for at least two weeks.


Get this. In Quebec vaccinations have increased after the weed and alcohol shops demanded you be vaccinated before entering their stores. Folks apparently will take a needle up north to get their Mary Jane and or their Molson.


Ireland has scrapped their testing requirements making Ireland perhaps the easiest travel destination for Americans. After spending a week there in the Emerald Isle where our daughter got married? It would be tempting to go back. Beautiful country.



Ever had one? I was trying to think if I did and the only one that might qualify would be when my uncle who was a painter had me up on a scaffold trying to help him paint letters on a truck for a company. If I remember correctly, it was N E I D E G E R K trucking in Missouri. Or something close to that. He had outlined the block letter that we were to fill in with paint. Now, I’m sitting close to the letter and somehow managed to paint outside the lines of one of those letters making it look like a square of black paint. No letter left really. He had to scrub all of that off, and it was the last time I was asked to paint. The paint world does not miss me, and I don’t miss them.


But here’s a really odd job a guy had.


This guy worked for the Institute of Standards and Technology in their Weights and Measures division. His job was to make sure all the rulers were exactly 12 inches long. True. So, what does he measure it with? And how does he make sure his “measurer” is exactly 12 inches long?  I don’t wanna know…and I don’t want that job either.



It does seem to be weirdly true that if one celebrity dies, three die. “Rule of Three” they call that. It happened this weekend with the deaths of Sidney Poitier, Dwayne Hickman, and Bob Saget.


In my radio career I interviewed 2 of those 3.


Bob Saget came in to work the comedy club in Nashville when I was doing the morning show at WSM-FM, and he came in as a “live” studio guest one morning. At that time, I had no idea his stand-up routine was dirty, but he told me the person we saw on Full House was NOT the person folks saw when they came to a comedy club to catch his act. And yes, he was a very nice man to visit with.


I interviewed Dwayne Hickman who played Dobie Gillis on the TV show with the same name way back when in Hollywood when I was covering the American Music Award out there for WUBE radio in Cincinnati. Dwayne was one of several Hollywood celebrities who sat down with me at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that week. Incredibly nice man. Bob Denver who played “Gilligan” on Gilligan’s Island was Dwayne’s “beatnik” sidekick on that old TV show playing a character named Maynard G. Krebs.


May they all rest in peace.



Every state seems to have a weird law or two still on the books. How about this one in Alaska. It’s illegal to take snow from your neighbor’s yard to build a snowman. But it’s perfectly alright to take their now if you’re going to build an igloo. And don’t go over and write your name in their snow either. They frown on that.



To this story a mom shared. “My husband and I got stuck in an elevator and we came home and told my daughter about it. She looked straight at us and said, “SOOO did you get out?”. So tonight I’ll be drinking her college fund.



In Turkey, a farmer put virtual reality goggles on his cows. He claims it fools them into thinking they are in a pasture on a summer day. And then the cow relaxes and gives up more milk. This ain’t your grandaddy’s farm anymore.


I don’t doubt it though. Because I know when I put on VR goggles and watch waterfalls? I have to go to the bathroom.



I’m writing online with my talented bluegrass friend and book author Tim Stafford who’s over in Knoxville. And then tonight I’ll be watching the college football championship and the re-match of Alabama and Georgia. Can Bama beat them twice and with it all AGAIN? We’ll see.


Have a great Monday!










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