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Dates and More Dates...Save Money On The Cruise...The Weekend

Jan 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Friday morning with a big football weekend ahead and storms on the way.  Some high winds coming at us tomorrow along with a lot of other folks in the south. 



I worked at updating my calendar logging in dates for the end of the year for “Hits & Grins” the songwriting trio I play in with Victoria Venier and Steve Dean.  Over 21 dates all over the country starting the first of October.  I’m still getting theater names and addresses for those dates but will have them soon and then you’ll see them on my calendar here on the website.


And I also penciled in some other possible dates for “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.


FYI.  I have two “Evening In The Round” dates on the near horizon.  First up is a show at the Princess Theater in South Pittsburgh TN February 8.


And then February 13 we’ll be at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a show at the United Methodist Church with special guest Brent Burns.  This one was over-sold out last year so do book your tickets if you’re coming.


So I’m enjoying a bit of a lull in the action here in January, as I know it’s going to get really busy at years end. 



I want to mention this cruise again down the Danube River with my pal Brent Burns and noted Trop Rocker “Sunny Jim” in 2021.  I know it’s a long way off, BUT…if you are the least interested you should take advantage of a $1,000 savings or more by booking early.  That deal will end in a few weeks.  So click on the LINK here for all the details including all the stops along the way in Germany, France, Austria and Hungary.  And we’ll have at least 3 shows on board as we float down the ole Danube.  Come join us!



Here’s a little clip from last night featuring the two guys I’ll be singing with on the ship Brent Burns and Sunny Jim.  They did a duo show last night in Venice, Florida and captured some of it on Facebook Live.  You’ll see what a fun cruise musically this will be.



And I added a date with my friend Brent Baxter who’s a great lyricist for his online video show “The Hang” that you’ll be able to watch at SongwritingPro.com.  We’ll be recording the show the morning of January 23 and we’ll talk about the art and craft of songwriting.  Brent wrote “Monday Morning Church” for Alan Jackson and was also a co-writer on the Joe Nichols song “Crickets” that we wrote with Lisa Shaffer that became a title track for one of Joe’s album.  So that should be interesting and hopefully I’ll be able to say something that might be of help to other songwriters who listen to Brent’s show.  More details coming soon on that.



Yes…there are folks who will try and sell you a Valentine tree in time for you and your sweetie coming up next month.  I say, take your Christmas tree, remove the ornaments, hang some red and pink stuff on it and there ya go.  Wait then til St. Pats Day and puts some shamrocks on it.  And come Arbor Day?  Strip the tree completely bare.


If we do this right we don’t have to take the tree down all year!



There’s a big Elvis FESTIVAL for you in Australia if you just can’t get enough of the King.  An entire festival.  And you know lots of folks are going to be dressed up like Elvis. Make sure you stop at the nanner and peanut butter vendor truck while you’re strolling around in your jumpsuits.



So if you want to have a baby you apparently need to save up.  Since 2007 delivery costs at the ole hospital have jumped 50% or more.  If you have employer insurance your cost could still set you back $4,500 out of pocket.  No insurance?  Think around 10 grand.  Yikes.  And then the cost of raising, feeding, clothing, cars, and college tuition that comes after.


I see some folks adopting Baby Yodas.



We now download and stream our music.  Proof comes in the new statistic that over a TRILLION music streams happened in 2019.  I see some of my songs I’ve written have been streamed thousands of time and the pay for that?  Cents…or a few dollars if you’re lucky.  I kinda wanna pee in their stream.  Not that I’m bitter.



How bout this article from Lovemoney.com listing the top places for us to retire out of country.  France is one choice.  I don’t see me packing bags to live in South Korea though. The United States slipped from 16 to 18 on this annual list.  Take a look at the entire LIST.



Somebody hacked one of those electronic road signs in Pine Knot, Kentucky (wherever that is) that read, “send nudes”.  Uh huh.  I put a stop to that when I sent mine.  Be careful what you ask for nimrods.



A slow rainy day here at the Whyte House.  It’s already looking pretty stormy outside my blogging window. 


But this weekend is the best football weekend of the year with all the NFL Playoff games and then the College Championship on Monday night.  So I’ll spend some time today fluffing up the pillow on my couch and laying in provisions.


Have a great weekend!




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