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Chicken Fingers...Romania Education...Music Doubleheader Tonight

Jan 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And there’s a blast of cold walking out my door this morning.  Isn’t winter over yet?



Before I left the house I wrote a parody song about “Not Eating Chicken Fingers” using the Zac Brown hit “Chicken Fried”.  That’s because a truck loaded with chicken fingers flew off an Alabama road scattering fingers everywhere and for more than a day folks were stopping at all hours trying to take home some of those to eat.  Enough so that officials had to put up a sign telling those folks in Bama it was UNSAFE to eat…especially after two days.  In my little writing world…stuff like this is just made to rhyme…and I do that smiling and shaking my head at the same time.


Best way to stop traffic ever.  Free food.



Amanda Williams and I got together yesterday afternoon to write.  Amanda is just back from a week long trip to Romania where she taught classes about copyright infringement and trying to educate students how songwriters make a living off of those copyrights and why not stealing music would be good.  She’s put together an impressive class…and when she visits a foreign country on behalf of the US…she always takes her guitar and performs too.  Apparently she had three shows to do over there along with the classes but every show got cancelled on her including one at a beautiful Philharmonic Hall that she showed me pictures of.  Why?  President Bush had died and out of respect the President of Romania cancelled all “celebratory” types of things in his honor.  And that included playing music apparently.  Knowing how President Bush LOVED music…I’m sure had they asked he would suggest they not cancel those kinds of things.


Either way she had a great time…and we kicked the tires on the possibility of me becoming that kind of teacher too and taking some trips overseas to educate.  We’ll see what happens down the road.  But I love what Amanda is doing.  It’s pretty fascinating. 


The great thing for Amanda is she can speak from the heart about the importance of copyrights.  Her late Father Kim Williams is a Hall of Fame Songwriter who overcame a fire that distorted his face and then used his mind to become a hit writer. (watch the video) And the copyrights for his songs?  In Amanda’s words, they pretty much paid for her raising and education. 


And we got a great song out of our time too…a Roger Miller “left field” kind of thought that Amanda brought to the table.  Time well spent yesterday for sure.



More road dates are coming up and being talked about for sure.  Our “Evening In The Round” show has a gig in Gulf Shores with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself in February and two shows so far with workshops it looks like for Linda and me in Florida this March with stops in Jacksonville and Homestead.


Then we’ve added a 2020 date in Carthage, Illinois.  We’re teeing up a multiple city run through Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico with maybe as many as 5 shows on that run.


And…there’s a possibility we could do a show in beautiful Montana this July or August.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Certainly it’s going to be great playing music a bunch with those talented friends of mine.  When all the details come available…you’ll be able to find all of that on my calendar here on the website.



Proof…as if we needed more…that Nashville is busting at the seams.  It’s now cheaper to rent than buy a house in this city.  Between the music, the tech community that’s growing and the hot chicken…apparently everybody wanna be here. 



According to one article wearing bubble wrap on one’s head has become a fashion thing.  Seriously?  Some are wearing bubble-wrap dresses too.  Don’t ask me why.  I just report the weird here folks.  It’s my job.


I’m guessing if you wear a bubble wrap dress…chances increase that you risk “popping” out of that thing.



If you visit Paris and go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa…do know that she is not staring at you.  Lots of folks swear she is.  So many that they felt like they had to do some research and indeed it’s an optical illusion.  But…I’m pretty sure all three of those dogs playing poker?  They are staring at ya.



Lots and lots of books and articles about what to do to stop yourself from overthinking.  I’m fairly sure a lot of folks get paralyzed from accomplishing things because they overthink it.  I kind of live in a “throw it against the wall…lots of stuff” and don’t think too deeply about it.  If it don’t stick…throw something else. 


One tip for over-thinkers that caught my attention in this article was “distract yourself into being happy”.  This is why I watch the “Bachelor”.  There’s so much crying on that dang show it makes me realize how happy I am.



Pizza Hut is going to deliver beer.  My favorite two health foods.  Beer and pizza.  I won’t over-think this come Superbowl party time.  I’ll place an order.



I’m writing a funny idea that my friend and co-writer Gerald Smith called me about this morning that I love.  When he told me the title I laughed out loud…so this should be fun.


Then tonight I’m going to take in some of what makes this city special…music.


My friend Brady Seals is part of a tribute band called the “Petty Junkies". Yep…Tom Petty music.  So I’ll root him on this evening and then slip out a little early to hit another venue where another co-writer Irene Kelley is playing bluegrass music.  I’m blessed to write with both of these extremely talented artists…and both have recorded songs we’ve written together.  So I’m looking forward to being tired early tomorrow morning from hanging out late tonight with pals in Music City.


Have a great Wednesday.


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