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Halloween Music...Branson Change....Elvis Found

Jan 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that the weather turned colder.  Upper 60’s yesterday to mid 40’s and getting colder starting today.  How far away is the beach exactly?



My writing appointment was with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman yesterday at their home-recording studio.  What a great thing that is.  They live in a house with a full blown recording studio that allows them to create something and take it right to studio anytime they want.


They surprised me yesterday and took me in to hear a song of ours they’ve been working on that sounded like so great.  It’s got a Halloween type vibe to it so I think the plan is to do something with it just prior to the Great Pumpkin holiday. I’ll let ya know.  But getting to hear that and some a couple of other new songs Jenny has recorded was just a great treat.  I never get tired of hearing “playback” of something new in a recording studio…especially from folks that are “out of the box” creative as these two are.  And now for maybe the first time in a very long time…I can’t wait for Halloween.



When I finished that I had to find the nearest wi-fi spot to sit down and write a parody for my NYC folks and hit the 2 pm deadline.  They wanted a parody song about how hot women think actor Chris Pratt’s Dad bod is.  It’s a thing.  I had to look it up myself.  But apparently there are pictures of him with his shirt off on some beach and women are reacting to a little gut he’s developed as being “sexy”.  Who knew?  A Dad bod. 


So the Sam Hunt “Body Like A Back Road” got turned into “Sexy With A Dad Bod”. Somebody gotta do it.



I had a little 6 pm songwriters round at “The Local” a new place downtown that I’d been hearing about.  Cool little venue and the hour I spent on stage with my friend Gerald Smith and Jan Buckingham who I met for the first time went by really fast.  Jan did songs she’d written for Pam Tillis (like THIS ONE) and Crystal Gayle and Juice Newton…and Gerald did his number one song “What Part of No” and the “Redneck” song I had written with him that was really fun.  In turn I added a song Gerald and I wrote with Paul Bogart “I’m Not Drinking Alone…The Dog’s Home”.  That will give you an indication of what the night was like.  My thanks to Gerald for inviting me.



At least one schedule change is coming up on my calendar.  I was to be in Branson for the Billy Yates Songwriters Series but I had to cancel that as a big road trip is getting ready to shape up out west over those dates that will take priority.  Billy is going to do his best to re-schedule the date and I’ll let you know if that happens.  I have two other dates at the American Theater late next year and those will hold for sure.  Stay tuned.



I want to throw up this TRAVEL LINK for you to check out to.  In June of this year I’m joining my friend Brent Burns once again overseas.  This time we are floating down the Rhine River playing music all along the way with stops in Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland  How cool does that sound?  We already have near 100 folks signed up to go with us and there’s room for more.  Check out the link that has all the details.  And c’mon along for the fun.



Paris had a naked restaurant.  Just like it sounds.  You walk in…take your clothes off and they put them in the closet…then you sit down to eat.  Apparently they could not get enough behinds in seats and they are getting ready to shut the doors.  I can’t imagine what the table conversation was like.  But I’m pretty sure I could write a song about what I think might have been said.



So I’ve mentioned that cool CES show is going on in Vegas…the Consumer Electronics Show.  All the new gadgets are being showed off.  Yesterday it wasn’t a gadget that stole the show.  A company showed up passing out veggie burgers that got great press because as one writer describe it…he could not tell the difference in taste between that and a real burger.  Really?  I’m a skeptic.  I just don’t trust anything that has “veggie” attached to it. 


I am MUCH more likely to try the bacon flavored donuts they now sell at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I’m pretty sure everything is better with bacon. 


So y’all go on and bite into a veggie burger.  You which food stand I’ll be at.



Mastercard is going to take the word “Mastercard” off of it’s card.  We’ll just see the brand.  The red and yellow circles.  It’s cooler…they say.  Like the Nike Swoosh…the two colors will sell their brand with no need to splash the word Mastercard on it.  Einstein’s sit in offices and think this stuff up.


I don’t really care…as song as the card will still allow me to charge my bacon flavored donuts on it when I slide in the chip.



I know why some folks don’t throw anything away…because of stories like this one.  A guy gets a penny in change 7 decades ago when he was in High School.  He never threw it away.  He passed away recently.  When they went through his stuff they found the penny. A 1941 penny that was accidentally made with copper.  A mistake coin is what they call these.  That mistake?  It’s up for auction and should fetch more than a million dollars!    And now in my ears all I’m hearing is that commercial that says, “What’s In Your Wallet”?


We all do that don’t we?  Throw away stuff that comes back to haunt us later.  I remember my parents hauling off old furniture, radios, stereos etc that would be worth a bunch today.  For me the two that haunt me was not holding onto my baseball cards…or their 1968 Gibson Hummingbird guitar I bought as a kid.  If I could get just one thing back…it would be that iconic guitar which sells for a ton more than what I bought it for at the Delaloye Music Store in Troy Missouri when I was young. 



A Chinese man sold his kidney so he could buy an iPhone.  Sadly, he’s now disabled for life.  True.  Don’t get rid of Gibson guitars and don’t sell your kidney for a phone folks. 



“Diehard Elvis Presley Fans Believe Elvis Is Alive And Preaching In Arkansas”.  Uh huh.  Guess he got tired of flipping burgers at Burger King.


I think most songwriters have referenced the King Of Rock N Roll in some song they’ve written.  I think it might be a law.  Here’s MINE.



This afternoon I’m writing with Amanda Williams who is just back from teaching and playing music in Romania.  She’s doing a bit of that these days and we’re continuing to talk about chances that I might do a little of that too. So it’s going to be a fun day of writing and kicking that around with Amanda.


Have a great Wednesday!



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