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Writing With The Dog..."Beyond" Stuff...Elvis

Jan 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the weekend. Looks like the high all weekend will be 43 in Nashville.



I wrote for the first time in a while with Laura Leigh Jones. Laura manages the Opry backstage tours and is thankful that job has held out as the Opry has had multiple layoffs because of the pandemic. So she’s stayed pretty busy through this whole thing. She signed a publishing deal a few months ago with the same publishing company I write for so we try to make sure we co-write some together…and it’s always fun.


Yesterday she had a couple of her dogs vying for her attention and would have to “toss a dog a bone” every now and then to quiet them down. But we got a new song written an all of us including the dog were happy. Laura had to start her own publishing company back maybe a year ago. We got to talking about that in the hallways at Billy Blue Publishing one day after we’d written and I suggested “What The L Music”.  So, we’ve got that connection and she can always blame me for that.



It’s looking like another round of stimulus checks will be coming. Hopefully they’ll be able to figure out how to get those out quicker than the vaccine.


The bad news. The US set a record for Covid related deaths in one day yesterday. 4,000 is a grim total. That didn’t get a big play in the media as they are consumed with what’s happened in DC. Funny how that goes. That’s what they say about scandals. They fade pretty quickly because there’s always a new scandal coming that will take away the attention. But that statistic translates into this. An American is now dying every 21 seconds.


The good news is that Pfizer is saying their vaccine is potent against the new strain that’s out there. Add to that…Moderna is saying they think anyone who gets their vaccine might be good up to two years.


U-Haul revealed that their rentals? Tennessee is the place folks are moving to the most during Covid. Welcome to Rocky Top folks.



The stock market was up again. So was Zoom. Since the pandemic started the Zoom platform is up 700%!


On the loss side, the media has laid off over 30,000 folks during the pandemic. A few less talking heads on your TV. Right now one needs to have a job that you’re so good at that they can’t let you go. So don’t be the head of “social gathering” events. Be the head of conducting Zoom meetings.



A lot of Bed Bath and Beyond stores are closing their doors. Now, I can find other places to get stuff for the bedroom or bathroom, but where am I going to find stuff for the “Beyond”?



If you’re a member you can now join a new Auto Program they have that will help you save money when you purchase your next vehicle. Car, truck and even RV’s. Great. So I can get a deal on an F-150 and have room in the back to bring that big tub of peanut butter home.



Tom Hanks has a new look…bald. He’s playing the role Colonel Tom Parker in a new Elvis biopic. I’m pretty sure as long as they make movies there will be a new one about Elvis or the Beatles every few years.


My first Elvis film I saw?  “Girl Happy”. My FFA class took a trip to Columbia, Missouri for state competitions. I was in the poultry judging contest. I laid an egg. Didn’t do well. I remember being taught that if you can spread X number of fingers across a chicken's butt it will help you determine if it’s a good layer or not. I think I was off a finger or two that day.


The best part of that trip with the FFA class was not the competition. It was when our Ag teacher Howard Harmon took us all to see an Elvis movie…”Girl Happy” at the theater. Mr. Harmon was a huge influence in my life. He had a love of music…gave me my first electric guitar so we always had a connection in High School. And he introduced me to “The King”.


Couple years later after that the drummer in my band had tickets to see Elvis “live” at Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis. He wanted to know if I wanted to go?  Despite enjoying the movie “Girl Happy” I was still not a big Elvis fan at that time. I initially said “no” to going but thank goodness I changed my mind. That night, when Elvis walked out on stage with that big 2001 theme of music blaring it looked like World War 2 had started in the auditorium. So many flashbulbs popped at the same time it looked like artillery fire at night. And of course, he was incredible. My band wore those Elvis jump suits on stage for a couple of years. Seems “geeky” as heck right now (and I won’t show you the pictures) but it seemed cool back then.


So yea, I’ll go see Tom Hanks’ bald head when the Elvis biopic comes out.  And if you guys don’t mind, let’s keep that jumpsuit thing between us.  Thanks.



Here’s two things that actually have come out of mouths.


“You can tell the dinosaurs they use in films aren’t real”.


Uh huh.  And this was overheard in a coffee shop. “I’ve never had pumpkin flavored anything. Not even carrot cake”.



“A Man Ate a Toothpick and It Was Stuck in His Butt for Months”. I just went to the kitchen cabinet and threw my box of toothpicks in the trash.



I’m writing with my buddy Tim Stafford over in Knoxville this morning. And then the weekend begins. Although I am writing again Saturday evening with Angus Gill down in Australia as he’s building songs for a bluegrass album. Once that clears there will be a lot of NFL Playoff football on my big screen. Got Pack…Got Titans.


Have a great weekend!







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