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New Album...Farwell Tour...Wienermobile Drivers

Jan 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day. Can’t tell yet if it’s a one or two hump day at this point.



It was another pretty lazy day so I found myself on a treadmill walking and wondering where the nearest hamburger place was. Sigh.  I kind of made a silent pledge to myself to cut a few things out of my diet and try to get in at least a little better shape before a busy year kicks in later.  That doesn’t mean I’ll start eating kale or sticking a straw into a green smoothie (God knows that ain’t right) but just trying to move forward with a few more saying no to some things.  Already I’m thinking maybe wearing Spanx would just be an easier way to go.


My talented young friend Lauren Mascitti is excited today I’m sure as her new CD comes out.  And I’m a little excited too because that means that some folks will get to hear a song I wrote with Lauren and Wil Nance “Never Been In Love Like This”.  Congrats to Lauren.  And keep your eyes open for her on American Idol this year.



Rascal Flatts just announced their FAREWELL tour across the country.  I remember those guys first record “Praying For Daylight” that I played in Cincinnati on the radio…and they are Ohio boys so that made it even cooler to be playing a big smash record by a young group from the state I was broadcasting in.  Years later while hosting a morning show on WSM-FM in Nashville they dropped by with Dale Turner from Lyric Street Records…the label they were on and gave me a plaque signifying half a million record sales for one of their CD’s.  Their way of saying “thank you” to folks who played the record and made that happen.  I can see it on a wall from where I’m blogging from right now.


Dale Turner was a radio guy from Cincinnati originally so it made it extra cool that he came by with the trio to present the plaque.  It’s nice to be able to share with you that they are all three really really nice guys.  Go catch a final show if you can. 


Who wants to drive the Wienermobile all over the country?  I do I do!  Unfortunately Oscar Mayer is looking for someone much younger…but they are looking for folks to do just that.  If you’re interested you have to go through a two-week training program.  How does one manage that big a wiener on the interstate when a high wind kicks up?


If you get the gig you’ll be referred to as a “Hotdogger”.  Can’t make that kind of stuff up folks.  Good luck…and turn in your application.  If it were me, I’d be creative and leave a little mustard and ketchup stain on my application form.



I’m so glad Gary Larsen is doing the Far Side comic strip again.  One of the very few that makes me laugh out loud.  I pulled THIS FRAME up yesterday, had to think a minute, and then when I got the joke I laughed out loud.  Check it out and see if you get it quicker than I did.  It's the first fram about Snow White when you scroll down.



First, Girl Scout cookie season is in progress. (Do they need a license for that?)  The new flavor this year is lemon cookies…and I love lemon cookies.  My daughter Heather and now my wife Kathy both bake those and they are sinfully good.  The Girl Scout lemon cookies though come with a little printed out statement for young girls like “I Am A Leader” to inspire them.  If I buy a box I want mine to say, “If you eat this box you’ll gain weight”. 



So I did not click on the article that would have allowed me list my favorite TV shows and then get a guess back on how old I am.  Nope.  I figure if you’re still watching Gunsmoke on your TV that it makes the guessing too easy.  That’s why I watch “The Bachelor” to keep those kind of folks guessing.



Now we find out that the Red Sox have been stealing signs just like the Houston Astros.  What to do?  I say just make it part of the game. It will become more of an art form trying to be smart enough to make sure your signs don’t get stolen.  I just always thought teams were trying to steal signs since Abner Doubleday invented the game.  Heck, I could stand in the batters box and the pitcher could tell me what he was throwing and I still would not get the bat on the ball.



Here are a couple of oddities I did not know until this morning flipping through pages on the Internet while tossing down a Grande Pike at Starbucks.


Almost 30,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea in the 90’s.  They are still being found today.


And…I did not know that in ever episode of “Seinfeld” there is a Superman image somewhere. A little inside joke fun the cast and producers were having.  Now when I watch re-runs I’ll be looking for the cape and red tights.



It’s my first co-writing session in the New Year.  Back to rhyming.  This morning I’ll write with the Christian comedian Aaron Wilburn at my publishing company.  If you watch the Gaithers on TV…you’ve seen Aaron.  If not, here’s an EXAMPLE.  It should be a very very fun writing and laughing experience today.


Have a great Wednesday!



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