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Clemson...Folding Robot...Show Tonight

Jan 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

So far…not so bad for winter in middle Tennessee.  65 for a high today! 



Before I left the house yesterday morning to go to Music Row for a writing appointment I had to turn in a parody song for New York about who was going to win the College Football Championship out in Santa Clara.  I had to write it twice.  Once for if Bama won as everyone expected…and once for Clemson who wound up obliterating “Roll Tide”.  Good thing I wrote it twice huh?  Wow. 


I’m an SEC guy…but I’m also an ABB guy.  Anyone but Bama. 


I watched the game last night with my friend Lang Scott at his house.  He’s a South Carolina Gamecock guy so neither of us had a real team to root for.  But none of us watching the big screen could not believe the way Clemson handled the big bad bully of college football.  It was a fun way to wrap up a Monday. 


Upstairs the girls were either watching the Return of Champions on “America’s Got Talent” or “The Bachelor”.  Which makes me wonder…if the guys call their room a “Man Cave” what do women call theirs?



The highlight I hear on America’s Got Talent was Susan Boyle returning…the opera singer that surprised everyone, especially Mr. Cowell years ago.  Quite the story.  If you missed her moment last night…here’s the VIDEO.



I am playing a songwriter round tonight in Nashville at “The Local”…but also found out last night that our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me look to be making another run through Texas-New Mexico-Arkansas later this year with maybe 4 or more concerts.  Hoping that happens as we made this run several years ago and had a blast.  Stay tuned to my calendar on this website for details if it happens.



That would be Amazon making more money than any other company.  Microsoft owned that title for a long time…now it’s Amazon. As soon as Bill Gates can figure out who to deliver goods to your computer…then maybe they’ll go back to being number one.


We want what we want and we want it now.  And we’d prefer to have what we want delivered to our front doors. 



The Consumer Electronic Show is going on with lots of new gadgets.  There’s now a fridge that will order more beer for you when you’re out! 



And if that’s not enough…have you seen this robot that can fold your laundry in minutes?  Cost about $1,000.  Now…as soon as Rosie can launder them and hang them up and put them away…I see a lot of bachelors buying one.



The man do know a bit more about money than most of us right?  One of his big secrets to being successful is mastering communication skills.  I get that.  Doesn’t matter for the most part if you have some fancy schmancy degree hanging on your wall.  Who Do You Know?  That should be the name of my self-help program book.  I don’t know a lot about anything…but I know lots of folks who know something about something I need help with.  I reach out to them.  Some of them reach out to me about radio, songwriting and strengths of mine.  Warren is dead on for sure.  Master your skill set when it comes to communicating with folks.  Build your network of friends.  Who Do You Know?


Good Lord please help me.  I just turned my “blog” into a podcast.



If you like to cruise…the new features coming out on some of the cruise ships are pretty crazy.  One has a bar with robotic bartenders.  Another had a planetarium onboard!  And yet another has a mini-race track on the top deck.  Hard to imagine one would want to de-board on one of the islands with all of this available.


I’m waiting for one to include a Cracker Barrel on board before I set sail again.



College Football is done this year.  NFL season has a few more weeks and then I’ll really be ready for the “Boys Of Summer” to report to Spring Training camps.  I played a lot of softball when I was young…could NEVER hit a baseball if my life depended on it.  And I’m not sure I could even stand in the box if I knew the ball was coming at me at over 90 mph.  Nope.  But I love to watch. 


And I will NEVER be able to comprehend how you ever would hit a baseball blindfolded.  You tell me.



Off to write with two of my favorite folks, Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  Jenny’s new VIDEO is still getting great airplay on CMT.  It will be fun catching up with them and Jenny’s career today before we even think about rhyming anything.


Then tonight I’m on stage at “The Local” here in Nashville at 6 pm for a 45 minute songwriter show with Gerald Smith and Jan Buckingham.  If you’re here in the Nash and have a little time…come see us.


Have a great Tuesday!

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