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Snow...Quite A Songwriting Story...Gorilla Man

Jan 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Snow on the ground, and the weekend is upon us. And, I have no sled. Yep, we had a real snow dump yesterday. I’d say maybe 5 inches are so piled up outside our doors. And the road we live on is treacherous. So much so that they did not pick up our garbage and the mail truck never bothered to try either. 13 above zero right now, but we’re up in the 40’s and 50’s by weekend which means we should be able to get out Saturday. Maybe.



Yesterday evening I hooked up online with Australia and my friend Angus Gill to write a new song for a female artist he’s producing right now. She had a lot of up-tempo songs already picked for her new album, so Angus wanted a waltz or something a little more serious and heart tugging. So, I had a verse and a chorus of an idea about a woman who had lost a loved one and goes to sleep every night thinking and still dreaming about him. It didn’t take more than an hour to finish the thought.


And then one of those rare almost never happens things happened. Angus recorded the new song in his phone and sent it to her, she listened right away and then sent a gushing note back about how it moved her, how great it was and that she wanted this song to record. Music to a songwriter’s ears for sure. I wish it was always that easy.



Angus told me things had eased up a bit in Australia with Covid restrictions but in South Wales where he lives, a lot of cases have popped up again. And so many we just found out the Golden Guitar Awards (like the CMA’s here) that was to be held in Tamworth, Australia as part of their huge country music festival has been pushed back to April after being scheduled for late this month. Significant to me and Angus because his bluegrass album “Scrapbook” that I have two songs on including the title track is up for Album of the Year, as is the soon to be released album from Kristy Cox that I have four songs on including the current single “Person of the Year” which is also nominated. Both are nominated in the same category, so I’m rooting for both, and will now have to wait a bit longer to see if either wins the coveted award.


Last year Kristy won for her collaboration with world class Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel for “Finger Pickin’ Good” that I wrote with Kristy and Jerry Salley. And oh yea, I’m hoping we might get lucky again this year in Australia.



Moderna’s CEO is saying we’ll need a 4th shot come Fall. Lovely.


1,000 more flights were cancelled yesterday. Covid causing a lot of employees to be sick, not working and causing an employee shortage to keep planes flying.



Going home sort of. I added a house concert in Sullivan, Missouri July 22 which is just south of where I grew up. This will be a backyard Trop Rock concert with my buddy Brent Burns for some folks I got to know in Key West when I played there this past November. They throw a heck of a backyard concert series from what I hear that’s had a “who’s who” of musical folks drop by that play beach music. So I’m taking my flip flops when I go for this gig. The night before, July 21, Brent and I will play another Trop Rock show in the Villages at Hot Springs, Arkansas inside their beautiful Woodlands, Theater. Gonna be a “beachy-music” run in the Midwest come July.



My friend Paul Bogart’s new song “While She’s Mine” is being released today. We wrote the song about his baby daughter who has certainly stolen her cowboy daddy’s heart. If you’re a father, click on and listen and see if you can’t relate to the sentiment in this song. And thank you Paul for letting me help you write this.



If you’re an Eagles fan, you’ll be happy like me knowing that they have added more tour dates including one here in Nashville. I’m checking ticket prices. I’ve mentioned here before that my favorite “live” concert I attended ever was “The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour” that I saw in Wisconsin one night. So now we’ll get a chance to see them again with Vince Gill and Glenn Frey’s boy Deacon as part of the new ensemble. Can’t wait.



That’s what they’re calling the farms that will come let you stay and hang with the goats. Folks have a thing for goats. Goat yoga is a thing. My wife is crazy about them too, so don’t let her know that for $165 a night we can go to Alvin, Texas and live with a bunch of goats. Word is they’ll be opening a couple of other farms soon doing the same thing.  I somehow don’t see me taking my yoga mat to spread out in a pasture.



Electric trucks are really hot. You can’t get one of the Ford Lightnings. Gone. Now, same thing for the Chevy Silverado electric truck. They put them up for sale yesterday and they sold out in 12 minutes and reservations are still coming in. That electric thing looks to be for real. Of course you just know they’ll raise the electricity rate once we all convert over. Keep a gas vehicle too is my thinking. If electric goes up, gas will probably go down. And vice versa. Covering my bases.



Who knew? In my home state of Missouri, in Robert (near Fort Leonard Wood) to be exact they have the “Uranus Side Show Museum”. 100 exhibits, weird stuff, like a two headed shark.


Ever go into a sideshow tent? I did one time, and it was memorable to say the least. Here’s the true story.


Years ago my band and I were playing in Cincinnati at the Hamilton County Fair. This was before I was living in Cincy. We had a couple of shows each day which gave us time to roam the fairgrounds. At one of the sideshow tents they had “Gorilla Man”. One of those deals where a man turns into a Gorilla in front of your eyes. So, I go in with a big soft drink in my hand and stand in the back. A whole bunch of young kids were up front near the cage where sure enough, a guy in the cage turns into a hairy ape. The minute the trickery ensues, the ape rushes to the front of that cage (guy in a suit) rattles the bars and growls and all those kinds shrieked, panicked, and ran over guess who?  I had to change clothes for our second show that day because I had Coke all over my jeans and shirt and boots. I have not been to a sideshow since.



Well, I sure can’t drive to the publishing company today with the snow on our road, so I’ll be online to write with one of the great gospel songwriters today, Lee Black. Lee has a brand-new grandchild that just arrived over the holidays, so I’d bet I’m going to see a picture or two held up before we start rhyming. And then the weekend is here!


Have a great weekend.







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