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Black Eye Day...Cowboy Jazz Female Version...Big Lizards

Jan 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning. After reflecting a bit on some of what we witnessed in the nation’s capital yesterday I’ll just say this. Some folks wonder why I detest politics and always have? Yesterday’s events and events like it should answer that question once and for all. As I’m fond to say, I don’t have one friend I’m willing to lose over a difference in politics. And I'll leave a conversation that gets heated over politics if I can find a way out. Anyone enjoy a conversation where the other party is raising their voice about their political beliefs? Or pounding away at it on their social networks? Not me.


Up to 4 people died. 12 cops injured, two of them seriously. I hope video will allow authorities to arrest every person that stormed into those hallowed chambers. No matter which party you voted for? No excuse ever for violence and this kind of behavior. We embarrassed ourselves, our country and Lord knows how badly it looked to the rest of the world. We can do better…and must.



The better part of my day was spent doing something that made me feel good. I wrote a new drinking song with my buddy Rob Bellamy out in Massachusetts.  Rob and his family are all recovering nicely from Covid-19 which was good to hear. And I’m hearing a lot of that these days. Rob had a start on an idea for a song so we got caught up in that until we managed to finish it. Rob plays a lot of shows normally and over the summer many of those were outdoor shows. But with winter arriving in the east a lot of the pubs and inside venues are not booking music right now so Rob is helping out with his Dad’s computer business some to make some extra bucks in the interim. His Dad is about an hour outside of Boston which is where Rob lives with his fiancé’ and my friend Ayla Brown who’s doing a radio morning show in Bean Town. So Rob spends the week with his folks and goes home on the weekends, and still manages to find time to write and create…waiting for things to “normal” up some day again in order to play and sing and do what he really wants…and is really good at.  Can’t wait myself Rob.



Thank you to Zach Runquist who produced a song and played fiddle on it that we wrote together with Paul Bogart that a girl in Texas just recorded, “All That Cowboy Jazz”. I got to hear Ali Dee’s version of it yesterday she did a great job on our Western Swing tune. Ali is a Texas girl and has that kind of lifestyle we were writing about. Horses, the West, rodeo’s etc. She works on TV for the Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Cowboys. Does TV coverage for some rodeo events and has established her own fashion brand. So, she fits our fun song perfectly.


Her version will be released in March sometime so I can’t share it until then but can’t wait for folks to hear it. Thanks for loving our song Ali.



So how did the stock market react while DC was going crazy yesterday? It went up 427 points. Have I ever mentioned that I can never figure out why the stock market do what it do? And cannabis stock prices shot higher after the Georgia election runoff. Some think the country went to pot yesterday…well….


Meanwhile, Mega Millions is now worth almost a half BILLION dollars with no winners again. This is exactly when I’m motivated to put my mask on, walk into a convenience store and buy a $2 ticket. I’m always motivated to do so when the odds are so long, I have ZERO chance of winning.



Fauci is now saying we should have had a much better vaccine roll out plan. Uh, ya think Doc?


Word is that 86% of us who get even a mild case of Covid-19 will lose our sense of taste and smell.


They do make warmer masks to wear during the winter months. Here are 19 choices for you if you’re interested. I saved a little money and cut the fleece lined flap door of my long johns off and rubber band that to my face when I have to go out. A warm fashion statement for sure.


Kim Kardashian nor Kanye West. Yes. They’re getting divorced. Surprise. She’s worth almost 800 million dollars, he’s worth over 3 billion or so. Somehow they’ll manage to pay the bills without each other.



For those that remember the Knight Rider the car “Kitt” that could talk is going up for auction. They expect it to fetch $450,000 or more. I can remember thinking how cool it would be if a car could really talk. Now with smart voice technology that’s kind of happening.


At Christmas time our family was playing the board game “What If” and one of the questions on a card was about Knight Rider and “Kitt”. My daughter of course had no idea what the card was talking about.


When I write songs with folks, I have to remind ourselves that if we drop an “old” reference into a song, the younger demographic won’t know what the heck we’re talking about. In radio I got a huge reminder of that one morning in Cincinnati when the show mentioned the name Pat Boone. My young producer on air said, “Who’s Pat Boone”?  After some discussion I said, “You know, Debbie Boone’s Father”. He said, “Who’s Debbie Boone”? Yep. I’m not sure he would have known who Daniel Boone was either but the conversation stopped after Debbie Boone and playing her one big hit “You Light Up My Life”.



Just sharing a little video because this is just cool…especially if you’re an Eagles fan like me. I always tell people my favorite concert I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few) was the “Hell Freezes Over Tour” with the Eagles in Milwaukee. So great. Some forget that Don Henley and the late Glenn Frey played in Linda Ronstadt’s band out in California before they left with her blessing and started this little band “The Eagles”. Here’s a little proof of that.



“Lizards the Size of Dogs Invading Texas In Droves”.  Well, if they can have cattle drives, I don’t see why they can’t “cowboy up” and have lizard drives on the range too.



A little bluegrass writing with my friend Laura Leigh Jones. Laura is a writer at Billy Blue Publishing as I am and when we get together, we try to write a bluegrass song. Though she can sing anyting bluegrass is her background. She grew up in a great grass band as a kid and she’s really great at it. Her roommate in Nashville for a spell was the incredible Sierra Hull who’s become a huge name in that genre for her playing ability. Watch her swap mandolin licks here with Sam Bush whom many consider to be the greatest mando player to come down the pike. Sierra is even younger here in this clip…and holds her own with Sam. Amazing stuff.


So…down the bluegrass road we go this morning.


Have a great Thursday!



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