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Y M C A...Elvis...Dr. Phil

Jan 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and the suns coming up in middle Tennessee.



I’ve had a couple of writing appointments get cancelled this week so it’s opened up a little more free time to catch up on what needs catching up on and it’s also given me some time to get to the Y.  Yesterday was in the low 50’s…almost warm enough to walk outdoors but not quite so I headed for the gym.  Even at that hour of the morning it was pretty busy and I’m guessing that’s the result of a lot of New Years Eve resolutions.  I’m betting a week from now it won’t be quite so busy.


I’m ready for it to start getting busier and that will happen next week when the calendar is full of writing appointments.


And then the first show of the year will happen January 25 with “Hits & Grins” at Puckett’s down in Franklin, Tennessee followed by shows in different ensembles in Huntsville, Alabama, South Pittsburgh TN, and Gulf Shores Alabama.  Check my calendar here online for all the details.



An astrophysicist claims he’s got his arms around a time machine that can take one back in time.  I have no idea how that works.  It does beg the question, “if you could go back in time what would that time be”?  I think I’d like to go back in to the time where I made a decision for my entire band to dress up in Elvis jumpsuits and have the chance to say, “maybe not” to that.  Gosh, it seemed SO cool at the time. 



The big milk company is in trouble.  They’re seeking bankruptcy protection.  Changed habits of the consumer may be to blame.  I have no REAL milk in my refrigerator anymore.  Lots of almond milk and that still begs the question, “how do one milk a danged almond”?



How about the little robot they’ve been showing off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas that will scoot up and change your roll of toilet paper when you’re out?  Wow. They missed a great marketing opportunity by not naming this bad boy R2 Doop.  At least that’s what I think.



Rolls Royce had an uptick in sales last year…nearly 25%.  They are crediting that good news to the amount of those Rolls Royce SUV’s they sold.  Yes, Rolls Royce too is selling an SUV.  It will just cost you up to $400,000.


If I ever spend that much on a car…please come get me and just haul me off.  Would you actually put a baby chair in the backseat of one of those?  It’s like spending 60 or 70 grand on a pickup truck designed to go off road.  If I spent that much money on an off road vehicle it would never go off road and get dirty.



Supposedly Apple Cider Vinegar is really good for you. The smell of vinegar knocks me down…there’s just no way I’m untwisting a cap on that.


Well…now they have Apple Cider Vinegar gummies made for folks like me I guess.  I still don’t see myself chewing anything that resembles a vinegar taste though.  I think I’ll wait until it comes in pill form.



Shaquille O’neal is a BIG BIG man who’s never grown up.  He’s still a big kid at heart and almost always fun to watch.


And last night he tried to play the Billy Ray Cyrus smash hit “Old Town Road” on the Fallon show on a TUBA.  And Shaq is so big he makes a tuba look small.  We should all be so young.



His mansion apparently has one wall full of guns.  Lots of guns.  He can afford them for sure.  I met Dr. Phil right before his TV career took off.  I was at a radio convention with a bunch of morning radio guys from all over the country in Dallas.  The late broadcaster Kidd Kraddick was in charge of the convention and he introduced us to his friend Dr. Phil who got up, took his coat off, rolled up his sleeves and did what he do.  Motivated the room.  I liked him a lot. But…I won’t be running out to buy guns to put on a massive wall.  In fact, if I do buy a gun I’m going old school with a rack on the back of my truck.  Okay, I don’t own a truck.  So maybe a rack in the back of the Prius would work.



I’ve got a 4-hour meeting I have to be at this morning and then the day opens up.  So maybe I’ll watch the opening round of the “Bachelor” that was on last night and count the amount of times some girl shrieks, cries and giggles.  Maybe.


Have a great Tuesday.

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