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Gig This Week...Golden Globes...Double Doink

Jan 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday…what happened to the weekend?



Mine started Friday with a co-write with Gerald Smith who brought a cool idea to the writing table, which always makes the process easier for me.  I’ve mentioned this before but it’s pretty much true that every time I sit down to write with someone I learn something new. 


I found out this time that my friend had been in the Air Force a couple of years and then the National Guard.  It was during the Viet Nam War that he served but that service made him eligible for VA benefits.  Good for him.  The things ya learn about folks when ya sit down over coffee, computers and guitars.



Before I left Gerald’s publishing company he asked me to join him in a songwriters round tomorrow night Tuesday January 8 at a place called The Local downtown Nashville.  Happy to sit and swap songs with him and one other writer I’ve not met Jana Buckingham, but Jan has had a bunch of her songs recorded by the likes of Whitney Houston, George Jones and Pam Tillis to name a few...so it's going to a pleasure to swap songs with her and Gerald.   If you’re close and wanna come…we play at 6 pm for 45 minutes.



And my daughter Heather and I rooted on our Belmont Basketball team Saturday night at the Curb Center here in town. So glad my daughter likes sports. The good guys won!



A full day of football where the phrase “double doink” has now become a phrase we are going to hear for awhile after the Bears kicker blew the game winning attempt in Chicago as the ball “doinked” off the left upright and then “doinked” again on the crossbar and failed to get over advancing the Philadelphia Eagles.  Double Doink.  I’m already trying to figure out how to squeeze it into a song.



Now…it has nothing to do with actresses wearing revealing dresses…although it could.  I only say bits and pieces of it.  But the big winners were Bohemian Rhapsody which won for best Drama the story of the band Queen and it’s lead singer Freddy MercurySteve Carrell presented the first eve Carol Burnette lifetime achievement award to…guess who?…and that was a nice moment. "Shallow"  won best song from Star Is Born, which I most surely agree with that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sang.  (Incidentally Lady Gaga wore $100,000 worth of diamonds to go with her dress)


And getting to see Dick Van Dyke on stage again was also a treat.  Again…if you’ve not yet seen Mary Poppins returns….go.



And I did spend some time going through my catalog of songs looking for “girl songs” for two young artists who sent notes asking for them.  One is a very young Australian artist…and the other is a young lady here in town who’s getting ready to do a couple of shows with Alan Jackson this year.  This one sells real estate on the side to keep her dreams alive.  It’s part of the deal here in this creative town.  You have to have another job to support that crazy dream that does happen for some lucky few.


Kelly Clarkson?  She was dead broke and working at a Papa Johns before American Idol.  Hard to imagine now huh?



I dunno…Oreo is pushing the taste limits for cookies.  Now they have buttered flavored Oreos.  For real. 


Pretty sure when Orville Redenbacher hears about this he’ll be countering with Cookie flavored popcorn.



So…I clicked on the article listing 50 great gifts for Valentines.  One was a pink heart shaped skillet.  Ummm…I’m fairly sure that if I give my wife a skillet of any kind on Valentine’s Day that it will not be turned into a cooking utensil.  I’m thinking weapon.  And I’m thinking “Duck and Cover”.



And I clicked on this ARTICLE listing secrets of those who NEVER get sick.  Napping is on the list.  Okay then.  So much for me feeling not well in the future.  Thanks.



I love a headline that reads, “You Won’t Want To Watch The Most Gruesome NFL Injury Of The Year”.  A lot of us read that kind of headline and go, “I GOTTA see that”.  Great marketing scheme.  For the record it was in the Cowboy-Seahawk Wild Card Playoff game Saturday.  Cowboy wide receiver Allen Harms is the guy you don’t wanna see.




They’re saying that Star Wars in 2019 will make more money than ever.  New movie, books, theme park rides at Disney, merch and more.  How long has Star Wars been around now?  Still cranking out the hits.  I still think they should sell Mason Jar Jar Binks. 



Now there’s an app that shows you the best hiking trails with details in over 120 countries.  I like to hike…just don’t do it enough.  I think if I lived in Arizona near Sedona where I have gone hiking in that painted scenery a few times…I’d be hiking on a very regular basis.  I do question hikers though that go out and by a hiking STICK and pay good dollars for it.  Take a little ramble through the woods are your own backyard.  I see sticks laying around all the time.  They’re free!  I think I’ll open a Stick Store for the gullible.



Speaking of walking…”Woman Arrested For Allegedly Biting Jogger”.  Would there not be teeth marks that would get rid of the “alleged”??



Off to write with Gary Cavanaugh on Music Row.  Gary’s one of those older writers who moved here from Colorado many years ago after teaching special needs kids out there.  He’s found a way to stick it out and keep writing tunes which he loves to do.  I never know whether to admire that or shake my head at it.  It’s just that kind of deal.


Then tonight…Alabama vs Clemson…again.  I’m just hoping for a close game. 


Have a great Monday!



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