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Used Cars...New Show...Tom T

Jan 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday brought some big time “Brrrrrrr” with it. Sisters and me in snow, Gary not.



I got to write with Gerald Smith at my publishing company Billy Blue. Actually, we rewrote a song we thought we had finished a couple of weeks ago, but Gerald wanted to try and make the verses better, so that’s how we spent Wednesday morning together. And the good news is, I do think the song is better than before. Will it make any difference? Gosh, one never knows really in the songwriting world.



Gerald and I had an interesting conversation about the price of cars. If you read this blog, you know I’ve been waiting on a new car arrival for over 3 months…still waiting. Some used cars are more expensive than new these days which is why I decided to buy “new” this time. Gerald told me about a used Prius he bought several years ago for $15,000. He’s been driving it over 2 years, and he found that it’s valued now at $20,000. Sometimes the world just doesn’t make sense.



Our “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and yours truly just added a March 3 date at the Listening Room here in Nashville. A 6 pm show that evening. This is a big listening room with great food and it’s always a fun venue to play for songwriters. So, if you’re here or coming to town?  Make a reservation and come catch our show.



A bit of shocking news came out yesterday when the medical examiner revealed that Tom T Hall committed suicide. He was 85 when news of his death came out and we all mourned the loss of a great poet-songwriter. Nobody knows the reason he chose to do so, and I think we’re better off. Speculation is only speculation. It does nothing to change the mind of those who knew, admired, and loved the “Storyteller”.


My friend Troy Engle in Pennsylvania who I write a lot with knew him very well. He was like extended family. And you can see his love for Tom T and Miss Dixie in this video of a song he recorded at Fox Hollow the home of Tom T. Hall for years. He wrote this song "Fox Hollow Memories" with Tom T. and his wife Dixie.

We were texting back and forth about the news last night and Troy shared with me this great quote from his friend Tom T. Hall. He told Troy once that “Of all the things to get addicted to…drugs…drinking…women…the worst is applause”. At the end of his career especially, Tom T never cared about being a star. He cared more about writing the songs. And man did he leave us some great ones.



And now they say cases of influenza are on the rise again as “Flurona” has joined in with the other variants. So if you get just the flu shot, do you only get the Corona? And vice versa? Enquiring minds want to know.


Whoopie Goldberg said she was shocked she caught Covid because she followed all the guidelines, all the rules, and still got sick. Fully vaccinated. More and more of that is happening and I’m sure some are questioning the fact of why take 3 shots or 4 and then know you can still get sick.


The Sundance Film Festival will be an all-virtual event this year because of Covid concerns, and this year’s Grammy Awards show has been postponed indefinitely.


On the good news front, they’re saying the hospitalization rate is down 50% or more from last year.


And the latest dumb conspiracy theory being floated now is that 5G is making vaccinated people explode. And the sad part of that is that there really are people who will buy into that. You’ll spot them because their phone will be 10 feet away from their ear.



Two jackpot winners last night for the 630-million-dollar drawing, and there were a couple of millionaire winners. I have not checked my ticket yet this morning. But if you see no blog here tomorrow….



The actor Robert Downy Jr doesn’t need to win a Powerball. He just got paid 10 million dollars for 8 minutes of time on screen in the new Spiderman movie. Good work if you can get it. I have somehow got to become a superhero.



For those who want to get rich you can heed the advice of those who are already there who say a lot of the same things like, “Don’t spend more than you make”. Pay off your credit cards, etc.


But I like this piece of advice I had not heard. “Live like you’ll die tomorrow but invest like you’ll live forever”.


I can only hope I’ll live forever because I’ve not yet made a dime on my Pet Rock or Beanie Baby collection I invested in.



Dwayne Johnson, the ex-wrestler is rocking it at the box office. He has 3 of the top ten most popular movies running on Netflix right now and has become the most bankable actor in Hollywood. He comes across as likeable on the big screen and that’s bankable.


And his chemistry with comedian Kevin Hart is off the hook funny. And, if you don’t think laughter is contagious? Watch this interview of the two of them promoting a movie. You can’t not laugh at this. So funny.



This marriage tweet be so funny.


Her: At least invite me out to dinner

Him: I won’t go out with married women.

Her: I’m your wife!

Him: I make no exceptions



Bed Bath and Beyond keep closing more and more stores. Why? Well it’s bed bath and beyond me. (rimshot)



Well, I’m hunkering down with the snow coming. We live on a bit of a treacherous road; we have a driveway that goes straight up which means if we get 3 to 5 inches today of snow we won’t be going anywhere until it melts on Saturday…or Sunday. So this afternoon I’ll be writing online with my Australian friend Angus Gill as he’s getting ready to produce a new album on female Australian country artist who still needs a song for her project. So at 4 pm my time, and at 8 AM “first cup of coffee” time for Angus in Australia, we’ll see if we can’t write something for her that she’ll like.


Have a great Thursday!







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