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A Gospel Song...A Cowboy Song...A Hall of Famer

Jan 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First dang ole Hump Day of 2021!



I had another great and fun writing session with Lee Black the noted gospel songwriter and he made my job so easy as he had a verse and chorus written before we started that didn’t need changing one bit. So a second verse and a bridge later and we’ve got a new southern gospel song in the catalog. Lee and the great group Legacy 5 that he’s part of is currently gearing up for a new album so this will be on that he’ll pitch to their producer. So fingers crossed that Gordon Mote likes the song enough to say “yes” to it. Either way, it’s a song that a lot of southern gospel groups would like so we had a great creative morning either way. And I should mention that Lee was wearing his “Roll Tide” shirt while we wrote. He and his wife graduate from Bama in Tuscaloosa so you can figure out who he’s rooting for in the National Championship game with Ohio State.


Because the song had such a head start, it didn’t take us long, allowing me to get out in the sunshine we’re having in Nashville today and take a walk around Percy Priest Lake which had the sun glimmering on it yesterday. Good for the soul…and the legs and the heart too.



I got one of those texts every songwriter loves receiving. Zach Runquist who’s a co-writer on the song “All That Cowboy Jazz” …a big old western swing song that Paul Bogart released and co-wrote with the two of us just got recorded a second time on a young female Texas artist named Ali Dee.  Zach produced her record and pitched the song to her after we re-wrote some of it to make it work for a girl. I haven’t heard it yet, but Ali…thanks for loving this song that the three of us had so much fun writing one day at Sony Music down on Music Row here in Nashville. Can’t wait to hear your version of it.



Roger Naylor, my Hall of Fame writer friend out in the desert of Arizona sent me his newsletter yesterday along with a lot of other friends and fans of his writing and hiking and the color of his words describing the beautiful state of Arizona that he brags about so much in books and pictures and stories. I bring this up because his first line is, “Adios to a Kidney Stone of a Year”. Yep…that wraps it up better than almost anyone could have described it. Thanks for making me smile again pal.


In his newsletter Roger also listed some things everyone should do. Watch the sunset in the Grand Canyon being one. Can’t argue with that.



I was kind of sad to see that they’ve put up the Bob Kingsley ranch in Weatherford, Texas (oldest Texas town) up for sale. Bob Kingsley was a familiar voice to almost every country music fan doing his American Top 40 Countdown for years and years. Bob built a place in Weatherford to do that countdown show from. I was very blessed to have had them fly me out there on I think 4 separate occasions to fill in for him while he took some time off. Quite the honor. It was so great working with his producers and staff out there. The script was already prepared and I just stood in the vocal booth and read through it with a local producer and engineer across the glass from me, and the national producer who also produced the Casey Casem countdown show in my ear from Los Angeles. Easy stuff if you knew what you were doing at all.


I’ve not talked about this a lot, but the last time I did that show out there I was called into the office to meet Bob’s great wife Nan who really kind of ran the place. She wanted to know if I would be interested in doing the show a lot more?  Would I? Uh…yea. The thought at the time was that Bob might take some real time off allowing him to get in a little more cutting horse time which is why he moved to Texas in the first place. To have horses.


I was doing the morning show in Cincinnati at the time and the tentative plan was that I could record it up there with their producers in my ears from Texas. Bob would record some inserts to keep his presence on the show and I would do the “nuts & bolts” part of the broadcast. I was excited about that prospect and it would have been one of the biggest things to have happened in my radio career as the show was syndicated across the country. And that’s when ABC…who carried the show decided they wanted to make a change and all of a sudden Kix Brooks started hosting that show, and Bob went with another syndication company, renamed his show. At that point, he could not take himself off the show as he had real competition. So, it never happened but it really was flattering that they even considered having me step into those big cowboy boots of Bob.


Bob passed away a few years ago. One more cool thing. The night I was inducted into the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame in Nashville, they honored Bob with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He was a generous kind and talented man. Blessed to have known him.


Here’s a peek at the ranch I’m talking about on the property that housed his broadcast studio. And now you know why it saddens me to see it being sold.



Tennessee is in the top 5 for speed in getting the new vaccine out. News to me. Just doesn’t seem like the term “warp speed” really applies right now does it?


In England a 92-year-old man was the first to get his second dose and said, “There’s no point in dying now”. Made me laugh. May you get another 92 years.


Because of Covid the Grammy Awards that were scheduled later this month has been moved back to March. I’m guessing they are hoping that by March they may be able to have a “live” audience” watch and cheer.


One of the good things coming out of the pandemic is the fact that so many people have adopted pets. So many that some animal shelters are saying they’re running out of pets to adopt.



American Airlines is the first to ban emotional support animals on all of their flights…unless you pay a pretty good fee for it. I don’t think I’d miss seeing a donkey or mini horse, or duck or whatever else coming down the aisle while I’m 27,000 feet high. My buddy Brent Burns covered that thought a little in a stupid song he wrote titled “Service Dog”. Just want to say I had NO part in writing this bad boy.



Some scientists claim that the moon is rusting and that it’s our fault. It’s older than a 57 Chevy so why shouldn’t it rust?



Yep…they actually make Vegan Ice Cream. Why?  I dunno. It sort of gives REAL ice cream a bad name.  Now, I’ve tasted a few low-cal ice creams…maybe even had a spoon of a vegan free. Not the same. I don’t eat ice cream to lose weight. Or try to convince my brain that the low-cal tastes as great as any real ice cream. Some things they should just leave alone. Get an old homemade ice cream maker, salt, ice and crank on it then fight over who gets to the lick the ladle. You won’t lose a single pound but you’re taste buds will be forever grateful.



I’m writing with the ex-hockey player for Maine Rob Bellamy today. I only recently found out Rob was in the middle of a lot of hockey fights when he played that’s documented several times on You Tube. So I’m reminding myself not to upset him when we rhyme today.


Have a great Wednesday!








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