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Show Me...Seeing The Globes...Back To Normal

Jan 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Monday.



My wife and I made a quick little road trip home to Missouri to spend some quality time with two of our dearest friends Dodge & Dean Raymer. And we’re certainly glad we did.  At some point in one’s life you really start to treasure true lasting friendships and remind yourself to keep in touch as much as you can while you can.


While we were there a young man by the name of Jesse Vaughn dropped by the house all of 14 years old and I listened to him sing Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers and folks who are almost two generations removed from his youthful life.  It was kind of refreshing to hear someone born and raised in Elsberry, Missouri…where I graduated High School sing songs by artists that COUNTRY and that far removed from being a current air play artist on any radio station.  Dean has influenced and helped a lot of young country singers through the years…Jessie is the latest beneficiary to be granted some of her expertise time and attention.


Dodge and Dean continue to run the GCMA “The Gateway Country Music Association” that promotes traditional country shows and local artists and it gives young acts like Jesse a chance to get on bigger stages and sing his songs.  I’m glad I got to spend a little time with him and his Mom.



Saturday night we all rooted for the Tennessee Titans to beat New England and danged if they didn’t to advance in the NFL Playoffs.  Next up the Titans play maybe the best team this year... the Baltimore Ravens and that’s the team my brother Gary his wife Kay and son Chris and wife Patty root for big time.  I’d lay down a bet but I’m not stupid.  I don’t like our chances.  I’ll be rooting for the Tennessee of course and hoping but my brain won’t allow me throw down moohlah on that game.  I'm a Packer fan too so right now I have two teams to root for.



And I did see some of the Golden Globes last night. Hard to miss those considering how some of the actresses push them up over the top of their gowns…but I digress.  I’m not sure why the Foreign Press refuses to use my song “If I Had Boobs” that the TV audience would hear when folks like Selma Hayek walk up to the “presenting” microphone.



Frozen 2 is now the highest grossing animated movie EVER.  So far it’s taken in over 1.3 BILLION dollars worldwide.  That’s a pretty good gig for an actor or actress. You just go in a sound booth and don’t have to worry about hair or makeup…record your voice and collect the check.  Where does one sign up?



I’m always hooked by “lists” that are printed.  Like, a list of every state and the weird thing about each of them.


My home state of Missouri…I had no idea that St. Louis hosted the Olympics in 1904.  Or that one of the marathon runners pulled over and took a nap.  Just the way I’d approach that.  They made me run Cross Country in High School.  Or school at Elsberry High was so small if you were male and breathing you were pretty much on every sports team.  I remember running…hating it…and throwing up at the end.  That was the end of me thinking about making any Olympic marathon team…even if they let me nap.


If you’re curious about your own state oddity…here’s the entire LIST.



MSN listed 50 new things to try in 2020.  Instead of a resolution list that we all break pretty quickly…this is more of a suggestion of things to do.  Like, watch a sunrise.  Most of us have taken a chair and maybe a glass of wine and watched the sunset…but not nearly as many toast the sun coming up.  Coming home dark and early from Missouri this weekend my wife and I were treated to an amazing sunrise as we drove. So bright it had us scrambling to lower the visors and reach for sunglasses.


Change your hairstyle was another suggestion.  Of course one must have hair to change a hairstyle so I see me watching sunrises a lot more.



Supposedly we’re close to having a new battery that will keep your cell phone charged for 5 DAYS at a time.  I ‘m waiting for it to pop up on Amazon Prime so that I can order it on my Apple iPhone.  And that reminds me that my battery is about to die right now on that phone. 



Tim Cook the big dog at Apple saw profits slip a little in 2019.  So his salary last year also took a hit too.  He only took home 125 MILLION dollars. So I guess he’ll probably never be able to afford the battery I just talked about.



“Florida Neighbor Calls 911 After Mistaking Parrot For Woman Screaming”.  Now if you're the poor husband to that woman would you ever say, "hon, you wanna cracker"?

And then there’s the story about the woman who thought she had Crohns disease only to find out she had Heinz ketchup packets lodged in her intestines.  I don’t know if she considered those appetizers or not. 



Back to normal now that the holidays are truly over.  Whatever normal is.


Have a great Monday.

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