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Snow on the Way...Matrix Movies...Adulthood Stuff

Jan 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The first “Hump Day” of 2022 is on us. And the first Hump Day in Nashville will be pretty with sun and a high of 51. But THEN…the bottom drops out tomorrow with a high of just 30 and a lot of 11 degrees tomorrow night. With snow! 1-3 inches is possible. For the record, we don’t do snow well in Music City.



I had a big bunch of nothing on my desk yesterday. I handle that kind of stuff well actually. If I have too much something on my desk, I often time wind up getting nothing done. But if I’ve got nothing but nothing?  I excel at that. Just thought you should know.



My wife and I watched the Matrix trilogy of films over the last three evenings. The fourth one is in theaters right now. I can’t say it was great as I just didn’t get it, and some of the scenes just went on and on and on. Plus, killing anyone in these movies looked to be almost impossible. What’s with that.


But this is a cool thing. Keanu Reeves, the star, just gave 70% of his salary from the new Matrix movie to cancer research. That alone will make me want to watch the 4th one.



The cooler weather do make one sleep sound. At least that’s the case for me. I know I dream, but I’m one that rarely remembers any dream. My wife is just the opposite and could write a second book about her dreams, I think. Weird how some remember, and some don’t.


For the record, the top 5 most common dreams are:


Being chased. And I hate it when the guy chasing me has an axe in his hand.






Teeth falling out. (Seriously? Be careful what you dream. Some folks dream about losing their hair and then it happens. Don’t ask me how I know)


Being back in school.  



The CDC now say that 95.4% of all Covid cases is Omicron. Hospitals of course are full again. And up in Minnesota at the Mayo clinic they just fired 700 unvaccinated nurses despite the staffing crisis.


While we set a record for the number of Covid cases yet again yesterday that includes a record number of kids hospitalized with it, the stock market also set a new high mark…again. Hard to explain, but despite everything the economy keeps perking along somehow.


Late night talk show host Seth Meyers had to unplug from his show because he caught Covid. And Geraldo also has it. If Geraldo ever finds Jimmy Hoffa, I’ll bet the gangster has it too.


A little justice. A guy who got millions scamming of Covid relief money and then bought himself things like a Rolex and a Lamborghini may get a 132-year sentence. Maybe he can find a way to scam bail money too.


And now Israel reports the first case of “Florona”. And yes, it’s exactly what you think it might be.  A mix of the flu with Corona. I’m rewriting the old rock song “My Sharona” right now to “My Florona”.



Folks wear all kinds of different masks during these Covid days. Some places demand you wear a mask if you enter their building. That’s what happened to a woman in Argentina when she walked into an ice cream shop. She had no mask and they told her she needed one or needed to leave. I’m figuring she was REALLY craving ice cream because she took off her dress and then wrapped it around her face for a mask. These are desperate times my friends.


I figure if I did that the ice cream shop owner would give me all the ice cream I wanted without a mask, if I put my clothes back on.



Nashville is making such progress these days. Today, a Whataburger opens just a couple of miles from me. The first one ever in Tennessee. And they announced that come February we won’t have to do the emission tests and wait in lines any longer. Progress. Now if they can eliminate some of the drunk bachelorette parties on those beer wagons rolling down Lower Broadway, we’ll really be making progress.



They use tractors to pull some of those trailers loaded up with tourists who drink like they’re going to run out of alcohol. I’m sure some are John Deere tractors. In the future, we may see a self-driving John Deer pulling those trailers. The folks who make those iconic tractors in Dixon, Illinois will have a self-driving version out in farm fields very soon.


I grew when you sat on a tractor in the hot sun all day if you were a farmer with no shade. Some got fancy and put up an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun. Then came cabs for tractors with radios and air conditioning and now with Wi-Fi on board. And now the farmer can go do something else while the tractor does what it would normally do without anyone on the tractor seat. Might give those hard-working folks a little more time to grab a fishing pole and sit on pond bank.



Couple of funny tweets here from folks about adulthood. Made me smile, and they’re hard to disagree with.


Being an adult is having the “we have food at home” talk with yourself.


And this one is funny too:


“Adulthood is making an involuntary grunt when you have to do anything that involves movement”.



I’m off to my publishing company to tweak some verses in a new song that’s bugging my co-writer, Gerald Smith. They say in the songwriting business that it’s “not the write, it’s the rewrite”. I’ve learned that’s usually true. So we’ll see if we can make the song a little better this morning. Plus, it’s always fun just to hang with the Georgia Quacker, Gerald Smith.


Have a great Wednesday!












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