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Brrrr...Whataburger...Reading Glasses Search

Jan 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in cold Nashville. The snow we had on the ground yesterday? Mostly gone. But it be plenty cold. It’s only 25 degrees as I’m working on this blog for this 4th day of January.



My writing appointment got dumped in mid-stream yesterday morning. My co-writer Jordan Rainer got a call while we were writing online thinking she was supposed to be playing at his club, and she was not. Yes, in Nashville on Lower Broadway the music goes pretty much 24-7. Long story short, we got a start on a song but had to stop so she could sort all of that out. For young writers and singers like Jordan the gigs are everything as they pay the bills…not writing songs. So everyone understand the “paying” gig always comes first. So the song we were just getting into will have to be continued on another date.



119 to be exact. The world’s oldest living person in Kane Tanaka in Japan. 119 years young. One of nine children and in an assisted living facility these days. Pretty remarkable. I’ll have whatever she’s having please.



One in every 100 of us now have tested positive for the virus in the last week. A million folks tested positive yesterday…in one day.


Starbucks employees, starting Jan 19 must be fully vaccinated or they’ll have to test weekly.


Expedia revealed that there’s not a lot of travel cancellations going on, despite Covid. Folks are still flying, driving, renting cars and hotel rooms.


And on a nice positive note one of the UK’s leading scientists just said, “The worst of the pandemic is absolutely behind us”.



That would be the folks who LOVE Whataburger. It’s a thing here in the South. But until this week Nashville has not had one. This week the first one in Music City opens right around the corner from where we live. Now, I like Whataburger, but I’m like a lot of folks here who LOVE Whataburger. Lines are gonna be long I’m guessing when the store opens this week. Me? I’m still hoping Skyline Chili from Cincinnati will open a danged store here! C’mon Skyline…do the right thing!



In case there is a single person who ever thought that I have my act together, I embarrassingly give you this nugget. Two things it seems I’m constantly looking for. One, my cell phone. It’s black, so if it’s in a room with low lighting or know lighting it’s hard to pick up.


The second one is my dang reading glasses. Last night I had one of those moments where I looked for them on my couch as I was sitting there watching TV. I knew they had to be looking right at them. Got up, looked all around, looked on the end table, before realizing I was WEARING them. One of those things where I was glad I did not ask my wife, “Honey, have you seen my reading glasses”? And…I’d appreciate this if you just kept this amongst us. Thank you.



Elon Musk saw his wealth increase by 30 BILLION dollars after his stock shot up this week. Billion! 30!  Geez.


Wonder why he has not done the obvious and put out his own brand of cologne? Elon Musk?



Elon Musk was on the “electric” vehicle trend long before most. Ford is on it now. And their Ford Lightning electric truck they’re making? Hot demand. So much so they just double production as they think 150,000 of those bad boys are going to sell this year.


And at the same time that’s going on, the average price of a used vehicle is now $29,000 and going up. Which is why I did something I don’t normally do and ordered a new vehicle. Problem is, after ordering it back in late September or so…it still isn’t here. If I knew how to mass produce chips, I’d be living in the same neighborhood that Elon Musk resides in.



Most Americans do not want to travel to the moon. Now that number will go up according to some here in the south if they plant a Whataburger up there in one of the craters.



“I Learned French to Ask Out a Girl I Liked. Turns Out She Was German”. Therefore doing your homework is important folks.



I have no big “gotta do things” on my list today. So a catch up on stuff and go to the Y kind of day here Nashville. Oh, and the Powerball is now up to 575 million, so I need to go give those folks some more of my money.


Have a great Tuesday!







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