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Australia Writing...Australia Video Shoot...That Ain't No Hamster

Jan 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Monday of 2021.



We sent off our daughter and son in law this weekend as they are now in Alabama. Heather’s husband Casey will be there almost two years training to be an Army pilot. He’s been a crew chief for a few years now and has decided he wants to be in cockpit for both choppers and fixed wing aircraft. Should be very exciting and I can’t wait to jump in one someday when he’s got the stick. I see some trips to southern Alabama coming up for Mom and Dad.


I caught a lot of football again. Ohio State showed up big time against Clemson so instead of being stuck with yet another Bama-Clemson national title matchup we get to watch the Buckeye’s take a shot and the seemingly unbeatable Roll Tide crew of Nick Saban’s. After being in Ohio many years I’ll be rooting for THE Ohio State…but…I wouldn’t go to a window and bet on them winning.



I also spent some time Saturday evening re-writing and tweaking a song with Angus Gill in Australia who’s been working on several projects since he’s been quarantined so long. He’s currently working on a little 7 or 8 song bluegrass album and a song we had written several months ago that he thought might fit this album so we spent some time making this personal song to him resonate a bit more. A song about his Grandmother who saved every clipping of his in a scrapbook. The song centers around that scrapbook…but it’s also a nice tribute to his Grandmother who’s battling Alzheimer’s in a nursing home down there. I’m glad to be a part of this little song that honors her.



I got to watch a really cool music video get filmed at Daywind Studios here which is where I write a lot of songs as my publishing company is also housed there. The Golden Guitar Awards (the equivalent of the CMA’s here) happens January 25 in Australia. The song I helped write “Finger Pickin’ Good” is nominated for a Golden Guitar Award. This is the song I wrote with the artist Kristy Cox along with Jerry Salley that features world class guitar player Tommy Emmanuel.  Most, if not all of the normally “live” awards event on TV is going to be a mix of virtual and “live” …if there’s any “live” at all. Kristy lives here in the states so the Awards Show asked her to tape a “live to tape” performance of her singing our nominated song.


So yesterday Kristy, Tommy, Jerry and an all-band filmed them lip synching the song at the studio along with an all-star bluegrass band. And…it turned out great. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to watch them record this song for the show.  The musicians had fun, and I know I did.


The film crew was a boyfriend-girlfriend. She…Kat Burgs…is a Facebook friend of mine and Australian so it was our first chance to meet…and now we’re going to set up a writing appointment soon. She moved here as an artist-writer herself after having a lot of success in Australia. And, a footnote, she was also on the “The Bachelor Australia” one year!  That will be an interesting story to hear when we do write for sure.


Thanks to everyone yesterday for their talent and time and production work. Can’t wait to see the finished video.



Saturday night my wife and I enjoyed a movie that I had been wanting to see since I first saw the trailer months ago. Quite a true story about a group of real fishermen who in their spare time sing those old sea shanty’s. A producer from London was on vacation, heard them singing by the water and got them a record deal. The record became the biggest all time selling Folk Album…ever!  And this movie got made about it titled “Fishermen’s Friends”. Really fun. I’d watch it again.



Well, a couple of young guys decide to LEAP into the New Year in Nashville for real. They jumped with parachutes off the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nashville to the astonishment of people below. They call it base jumping. You jump, throw your parachute out, land and run so that the police don’t nab ya. Although in this case they didn't run fast enough...they got caught. Don't know if they'll be able to "jump" bail or not. Here’s what this one looked like. 


Now, I think I would parachute out of a plane…once. But I don’t see me leaping off a building with one. Some people just like to fly.


If you’ve never heard the late Guy Clark’s song about a guy who keeps jumping off roofs with his flour sack cape tied around his neck because he was sure he could fly…listen to The Cape. It might be my favorite Guy Clark song…and I’m a big fan. As with most well written songs, this song has a bigger picture than just the image of this old man continuing to jump off his roof. “He did not know he could not fly…and so he did”.



The Nashville bomber?  Apparently, he sent a note to a friend before he blew himself up and caused all that damage on 2nd Avenue that talked about conspiracy theories AND his belief that lizards would be taking over the world. Wow. That may help explain a crazy person’s motive for doing something so horrendous.


Larry King at 87 years of age has Covid. Anyone that hasn’t had it yet? I interviewed the king of interviews Larry King once in New York. I was there broadcasting the CMA Awards…the one and only time the CMA’s were held outside of Nashville. He was there because of his ex-wives was with him going around to the radio stations gathered there to promote a country album she had recorded. It wasn’t very good. But we agreed to the interview because Larry was with her and we knew we’d get to put him on air too. And we did…and he did not disappoint. Get well Mr. King.


Did you know there are Optimism Doctors now?  Makes sense as so many get depressed from the pandemic and world news. One of those who specializes in that gave this tip that might help. “Celebrate others who make you proud”. I do agree with that. If you’re happy for them…it makes you feel good too.



So that congressman who ended in prayer as congress opened for the new year with “Amen & A-woman”?  Makes me wonder if we’ll have to re-write some country songs like the Randy Travis hit “Forever and Ever Amen & Awomen”? Or the George Strait classic, “A love without end Amen & Awomen”. Or my owns song, “Can I get an Amen & and Awomen”?  And on it goes. 



Well, the movie industry is not dead. The right movie still gets folks into theaters or streaming. The new Wonder Woman movie has already made over 110 million dollars or so. So she’ll be able to carry that golden lasso a little longer.



A man actually called the Cops once to report that his teeth were stolen. True. You just can’t keep putting those choppers in a water glass by your bed. Too easy to steal while you’re asleep.



I saw list of expressions in an article that “No Golfer Ever Wants to Hear”. I’ve heard all of these from smart aleck playing partners through the years. “That’s one”.  “Hmm, I only see ONE ball on the green”.  And considering how I never know where my ball is going, I really hate this one. “Sorry, I wasn’t looking”.  I have found many playing partners who can’t bear to watch me swing a golf club so I kind of get that. I make Charles Barkley look like a great golfer.


Now here's something I NEVER hear when I'm playing golf. "Its in the hole"!  Never...not once.



Imagine having to admit to this…and then texting it so everyone could get a laugh at your expense…and no…it wasn’t me.


“I saw a girl carrying a hamster so I asked if I could pet it but it was actually a muffin so I’m on my way to jump off a cliff now”.



My writing appointment that was scheduled go rescheduled so I’ve got the Monday open to catch up on the catch-up stuff and get outdoors for a little sun as we hit the mid 50’s here today.


Have a great Monday!



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