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Snow Cyclones...Under 30 Words...& Hoops

You know it's REALLY cold when they start referring to a snow system as a "snow cyclone".  Good grief.  22 for a high in Nashville today and Metro Schools are on a two hour delay not because of snow...but because of COLD.  Don't they put heaters in school busses and schools anymore? All I know is I'm now in favor of Global Warming.  Any time.



My little family had time to go catch another movie...the "Greatest Showman" starring Hugh Jackson in the lead role.  It's a musical...and my guess would be that if you liked La La Land...you might like this too.  The same songwriters wrote the tunes for this tale very LOOSELY based on PT Barnum.  A lot of fiction is mixed into this movie because...it's showbiz folks.  But the songs were great and the cast was chosen well I thought.  It was a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a cold Wednesday for sure.



Kylo Ren is the new young Darth Vader in the latest Star Wars sequel.  At one point he has his shirt off and his pants pulled up high.  Now...some guys are taking the "Kylo Ren" challenge and taking pictures of themselves dressed like that.  Uh...no.  I'd rather do that bucket of cold water challenge, or plank as opposed to showing off my svelte like Star Wars body on the internet.  I'm looking more like Jaba The Hut these days as opposed to Kylo. 



That's pretty much what lawyer language always look like to me as well as those instruction for trying to put together most anything.  I spent a fair amount of time poring over a 26 page document that needs signing for an upcoming show I have at a place I won't name here.  I've done a kazillion shows through the years...many that require a contract.  Most are a one page or two page deal.  Not this one.  Ya gotta love corporate "protection" contracts I guess...and in the end...about 23 pages of this will never come into play...and a lawyer will get paid...as they always do.


The one clause I will strike from this catalog contract is that I will NOT send them a picture of me shirtless with my pants pulled up high. 



I am.  And I don't understand a bunch of words and phrases that the under 30's use.  Here's a few of something like 40 MSN listed today.


"Tea".  That means "gossip" in their world


"Zayum"...meaning amazing.


"Hundo P"?  That means 100% in under 30 jargon.


"Muploa"d.  That's a mashing of the word mobile with upload.  "Mupload me some snaps"....dude. 


So how many did you know?



What do you call a fish with no eyes?  Answer:  Fsshh.



Two pilots on a flight out of London get into a fist fight in the cockpit.  True.  I'm guessing the one pilot really really HATED that fish joke.



Word is that the folks who make Dippin' Dots are going to use their cold freeze technology for cyrogenics.  So the same folks who gave you ice cream will be able to remove your head and freeze it forever if you like.  Kind of spoiled ice cream as a "go to" dessert for me now.



Someone in Japan has come up with a strain of bananas with an edible peel.  I guess...no need to peel on this one.  Just eat the whole banana as is.  I'd be in favor of an egg or orange being that way as it takes me forever to peel either of those. 



You might like the beer belly.  It's like a rubber-plastic container that goes over your "stomach" that's filled with beer...and a long straw allowing one to drink beer from their belly if you will.  I can't make this stuff up.  For the women?  They actually have something called a "wine rack".  You can use your own imagination there folks.



"Man Mistakes Glue For Eye Drops.  Extreme Pain Ensues".  Ya think?  Read the label...read the label...read the label.



Off into the cold to write this morning with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur.  I think this will be our third time together as a trio.  Gerald wrote for George Straits publishing company years ago...even got George to cut this SONG he wrote.  And Janelle is the former American Idol contestant who's from east Tennessee and can sing like a bird.  So it's a pleasure to sit in a room and create with these two folks for sure.


Then tonight my daughter and I are off to catch a Belmont basketball game.  Belmont is her alma mater so we'll go root for the Bruins along with Vince Gill as he's at pretty much every game as a proud alum himself.  I'm glad that my love of sports somehow rubbed off on my daughter. 


Have a great Thursday!


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