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Snow...New Year's Weekend...Betty

Jan 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First blog in the new year of 2022. And look what’s on the lawn outside my window this morning. S N O W. After tornadic activity with temperatures in the 70’s, the bottom fell out and last night we got a little of what we don’t get a lot of here in Music City. 39 for the high today, 22 for the low tonight! I’m going to Gorilla Glue the trap door shut on my long johns.



I did not pop a cork on anything ringing in the New Year. I was asleep by the time the clock turned us into the New Year. I also did not make a New Year’s resolution. I don’t think I have ever made one. Not my thing. Like sticking motivational phrases on my refrigerator door that I must look at every time I open the door for the orange juice.


But, if I DID make a resolution, I’m sure I would attempt to make it funny like some of these that others made.


Live my best life and only buy pants with no buttons or zippers


Stay in the bathroom while I brush my teeth.


Only eat white snow. (Or drink upstream from the herd)



I did watch a ton of football over the weekend. Of all the bowl games I did watch this season the two most entertaining bowls were the Music City Bowl here in Nashville between Tennessee and Purdue that went back and forth with the Boilermakers winning. And then the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was a dandy with Ohio State and Utah in a shootout that the Buckeye’s eventually won.


The Championship game was predictable. Very very predictable with Alabama AGAIN playing for all the marbles against Georgia. Two SEC teams. Anybody else wearing of seeing Bama again and again and again?


On the pro side, I have 3 teams I can root for. The Packers are my overall favorite NFL team still, but I also route for the Titans and the Bengals. So I’ve got a fair chance of having one of them reaching the Superbowl this year. I’ve been to a Packer Superbowl and a Bengal Superbowl. Maybe it’s the Titan’s turn.



It is “back to work” Monday so the alarms are going off for some. I worked a lot of years where my alarm went off VERY early. 2 AM in Cincinnati when I was on the radio. I never hesitated. When the radio came on, I pretty much jumped out of bed, showered, dressed, and headed to the radio station. I don’t think once have I ever hit a “snooze” button. Part of that might be how much I didn’t consider my job to be a job and looked forward to what I was going to get to do that morning. But I don’t think that’s the norm for most working folks.


SO…if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, check out this “Clocky Alarm” you can buy for about 40 bucks on Amazon. When it goes off, it then rolls off whatever it’s sitting on, and rolls around on the floor until you get up, chase it down, and then turn it off. No snoozing in with that bad boy. Get up!



The Governor of my home state of Missouri just declared the Covid “state of emergency” is over citing the effectiveness of the vaccines.


Meanwhile one expert says the Omicron virus is so contagious that even a quick transient encounter can lead to infection. Backing up that thought is word that over the weekend both New York and Florida shattered single day records for Covid-19 cases. Florida alone has seen a 948% increase in the last two weeks alone.


However, none of that seems to affect folks as far as going out and living their lives. Huge crowds at lots of New Year’s celebrations. Huge crowds at all the football games. And Lower Broadway in Nashville?  You’d never know there was a virus. Proof maybe those folks are just weary of it and don’t care as much.



And for my friend who sit in a deer stand each year, do you rapid test a doe or a buck before you bag one? They’re saying deer are frequently infected, and none of them have chosen to be vaccinated. So, do you eat venison right now? Or quarantine the meat for five days? Enquiring minds want to know.



It’s at 522 million now. Every single time I buy one I ask the clerk to sell me the WINNING ticket. Nothing. Losers every time. I’m going to have to find a new clerk.



Anyone not saddened by the news that Betty White passed away at the age of 99? Pretty hard to find anyone who did not love her. Sharp and funny right up until her death. I’m so glad to see that they will still celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday January 17 with a documentary film of her life and career on HBO Max. The film is called “100 Years Young” and will be in 900 theaters for one day only. Look for it.


I’ll share this blooper reel featuring Betty here that made me laugh when I watched it. The bloopers were taken of the last sitcom she starred in “Hot in Cleveland”. RIP Betty, and thanks for making the world a more joyful place to be in with your presence.



My sympathy goes out to Ray Stevens for sure as he lost his wife Penny after she battled cancer. She was 78. Ray is 82 and still singing and entertaining folks. I was very blessed that he recorded “Retired” that I wrote with Brent Burns that will always be a highlight for my life. I got to spend a little time with him in his studio when he played that recording for me, and then we sat down and talked, and he told me how much he truly loved the song. Considering Ray does not need much help writing funny songs, it was a feather in Brent and my caps that he chose to write a funny song that did not have his name on it. I’m grateful for that, and I’m certainly sorry for his loss.



A teacher passes out a questionnaire that asks some very young school kids to name the five words you can spell. One youngster wrote, “Five Words You Can Spell”. Look for him in comedy clubs when he gets older.



Gosh, there were a ton of cancelled flights over the past few days. Over 8,000 have been cancelled or delayed. It’s so hard getting staff for some airlines that Spirit says it will pay 200% to those employees who work from now until January 4. Over 8,000 flights have been cancelled over the last week or so.



I saw an article this weekend written by travel advisors, folks who travel a lot who listed the 7 places they would visit again and again.


Bruges, Belgium

Barcelona, Spain




Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Scottsdale, Arizona


I’ve been to Rome, Scottsdale, and Fort Lauderdale. All great choices. My daughter Heather was a flight attendant for a few years and got held over for a couple of extra days on the Caribbean Island of Curacao which she said did not hurt her feelings because it’s so beautiful.



“Man Falls in Love with Robot and Hopes to Marry Her”. Can’t wait to hear them exchange vows.


“Do you take this robot to have and to hold and reboot for as long as you live”?



I’m writing with Jordan Rainer who’s so talented. Sings, writes and is a great young musician with an “edge” to her stuff. We wrote once a couple of years ago with former American Idol star Janelle Arthur at Janelle’s house one day and she just so impressed me. Janelle is getting ready to have her first baby (congrats!) so it’s just me and Jordan today. Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.


Have a great Monday!



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