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Gray Days...Radiosaurs...Road Trip

Jan 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Raining and getting colder.  Not my favorite combo here in Nashville. 



Thursday was another “lull” day as I’m working on getting through this two week sorta kinda extended holiday before a regular sort of week starts again Monday.  I am most certainly not a fan of this part of our calendar where it gets dark WAY too soon.  Geez.  Every year when this starts to happen I think of what my long time friend Roger Naylor told me when he and his wife decided to move to Arizona for more sun, “It ain’t the snow…it’s the gray”. 


So I’ slogging through it watching a lot of football right now but missed the exciting end to the Tennessee Vols Bowl Game in Jacksonville last night.  They were behind Indiana in the third quarter when I closed my eyes and I woke up this morning to read they scored two touchdowns in a 30 second span to come from behind and win.  So I’ll be pulling that up later on You Tube.



Yesterday one of my radio peers Skip Mahaffey started a text thread that included me and several of our radio peers who have had great careers.  Some of them are still on air.  Skip is proposing a gathering of all of those of us who used to hang out in Dallas every year at a Morning Radio Show convention that the late Kidd Kraddick used to throw.  Skip called referred to our group as radio “dinosaurs” and my wife promptly coined the phrase “Radiosaurs”.  That sounds much kinder doesn’t it?  And it looks like this is going to happen maybe early summer where everyone will fly into a chosen city and just hang for a few days and tell or radio stories and enjoy each other’s company again.  Several of these guys are Hall of Famers so I can’t imagine how much fun this will be.  Good idea Skip!



Yesterday the stocks shot way up…over 300.  This morning after the hit on the Iranian General futures are down over 200 and the price of a barrel of oil has shot up $70 a barrel.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the world will never ever be at peace and to never look at the stock market.



At the Golden Globe Awards this weekend they will have a big ole celebrity dinner.  For the first time there will be no meat on the plates.  A complete vegan thing for Hollywood.  Have you seen some of those actresses?  I can’t imagine how a burger, fries and shake combo could be a bad thing for those skinny folks. Wonder if they make a vegan gravy?



Have you seen this converted GRAIN SILO?  You can sleep in it.  I grew up where grain silos were as thick as the trees. Now folks are sleeping in them.  I’d say avoid the Fall Harvest season before you tuck yourself in one of those. 



And then there’s a lady who made a Willie Hay Nelson.  Made out of hay…there’s ole Willie.  If they’d really been thinking they would have made him out of weeds right?



My wife and I are off on a short run back to Missouri to see some friends…over and back.  But, we’ll be back in time for me to root on our Titans playing New England this weekend in a Wild Card game hoping they can upset Tom Brady. 


Have a great weekend.

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