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Weight Loss Song...Steven Tyler...Big Ole Fish

Jan 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning…it’s only the third day of the New Year and already there are articles reminding us that Valentine Day is coming up.  Seriously?



I turned in a parody song for my syndication folks about those of us who have already given up on losing weight in the New Year…and there are many.  We know who we be.  Then with guilt consuming me I went to the Y.  They were passing out free T-shirts so that was the motivation I needed to get me there.  FREE is a motivating word for sure.


And last night I watched a documentary titled "Out On A Limb" on Netflix about Steven Tyler the lead singer of Aerosmith who came to Nashville and recorded a country album.  It’s interesting.  He adopted a local group called “Loving Mary” which is a great group.  Rebecca Lynn Howard plays bass in the group…I’ve written with her once.  And that was an interesting co-write as she was just back from Key West where the parties rage on and we wrote a song about her experience with a tad too much alcohol on that trip.  I digress.


The movie will probably reveal to you what it did to me that Steven Tyler is not only talented…but comes across as guy you’d like to hang with.  He fell in love with Nashville as most folks do if they are in music or love music in any way shape or form.  The music he recorded that I heard in the “live” concert at the Ryman (which is a big part of this documentary) to me was just okay.  His performances?  Off the hook entertaining.  You can’t not watch the guy.



And we lost the Captain from “Captain and Tenille”.  Just 76.  That seems so young anymore.  Tenille was at his beside when he passed.  The mention of Captain and Tenille puts that song “Love Will Keep Us Together” on rewind in my head.  RIP Captain.



That will be William Shatner who’s going to sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage in February of this year.  He loves country music.  So much so that he recorded a country album with Jeff Cook…the guitar player-fiddle player for Alabama.  That should be a fun evening at the Opry House.  How good is his music?  Here’s an EXAMPLE.  You can decide for yourself.



The most returned gifts at this past Christmas includes tops and boots and clothing for women with fringes.  Who knew?  Tiny framed sunglasses was another biggie returned.  And…Star Wars stuff too.  That’s because there’s been no new Star Wars movies to drive sales forward.  May the sales force be with you.



In Norway one third of all cars are electric.  They just haven’t caught on in the states.  1.2% of cars are electric here.  That’s it.  Maybe that will spike a bit more come May when some experts say we can expect a gas price increase of 35% or more.  I filled up for $1.85 per gallon this morning.  I need one of those big farm tanks on my driveway full of cheap gas right now.



They took a big hit.  They lost 50 BILLION in the markets on negative earning news.  iPhone sales are down.  The CEO reported revenue misses yesterday and down it went.  All I know Apple is it ain’t my fault.  I’m on a MacBook right now…got the latest iPhone and carry around an iPad.  It’s most surely someone else’s fault.



China just landed on the far side of the moon.  The first country to do so.  They’ve discovered so far that it’s dark and there’s no McDonalds. 



A woman here in Tennessee just caught an 88 pound catfish  at Kentucky Lake.  88 pounder!  Her biggest worry now is where is she going to find that many hush puppies to serve up as a side dish.



I’m off to write with my friend Irene Kelley who’s latest song “Something Bout A Train Sound” has been at the top of the bluegrass charts for weeks now.  Happy for her.  It’s truly a pleasure to sit at her kitchen table and write songs…and then hear her voice singing them.  Her new album with the song I just mentioned will be out in a few months and I’m blessed to have a couple of songs that I love on this project.  So today will be fun for sure.


Have a great Thursday!





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