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Still Cold...Vintage and Man Card Removal

Still freezing where you are?  Uh huh.  Here too.  So cold that Bill Anderson's whisper froze up.



So...I'm at Starbucks at a little after 5 AM reading the paper and prepping for this blog.  It's hard to miss the fact that they have stopped playing Christmas tunes in favor of "disco" music.  Good grief.  I did approve of "Play That Funky Music WHYTE Boy" though.  So much so that I almost spilled some Pike on my three piece white Travolta suit.



Over 100,000 folks bundled up here New Years Eve to stand out in the cold to hear Keith Urban and others ring in 2018.  And just up the road from my house a bunch of folks jumped into a freezing Percy Priest Lake to be a Polar Bear...or as I like to call them...nut cases.  Y'all just go on without me.  I'll stay in an watch the "Bachelor" as I did with my wife last night.


My favorite part is when the girls start crying because the Bachelor is kissing other girls.  Do they NOT ever watch the show?!  I know...you want my Man Card don't ya?  I gave that up years ago when my friend Brent Burns ask for it when he heard me order a pink "zinfandel" for my wine choice.



My computer is apparently older than I realized.  Bought my Mac in 2008 and I'm having a few "sticky" key issues with it.  When I went to my Mac store yesterday they informed me I have a VINTAGE Mac...and they no longer make parts for it.  Vintage?  I actually took it to a "vintage" computer store to help deal with my antique.  Someday I expect to see those guys on American Pickers make me an offer I can't refuse.



That little fall she took did more than break her wrist.  She wound up with over 40 stitches in her face and told the public she would look a little different.  Pictures came out yesterday...and if there's a difference...it's hard to tell.  Plastic surgeons do amazing things.  I went to one to try and help my face but the clinic said my face is too "vintage" to do anything with.  Sigh.



I have a big nuke button too.  I just wanted to get that out there.  So before any salesman or Jehovah Witness folks approach my front door...please know that.  Thank you.



An all SEC college football championship game is on the way to Atlanta.  Bama vs Georgia.  If you wanna go..tickets start at $2,600.  Uh...no.  I've got a big screen TV...and heat. 


It's amazing what folks will pay for tickets.  I went to cover a Super Bowl in beautiful San Diego once for the radio station I worked for in Milwaukee.  My radio partner and I  were fortunate to land a couple FREE tickets to a great game...Packers-Broncos.  Approaching the gate...someone offered to buy our tickets for over $1,000 each I think.  We thought about it only briefly...but declined and saw a tremendous Super Bowl where Elway drove the Broncos to victory at the end of the game.  It broke my heart as a Packer fan but the experience was incredible. 


So maybe I do know why folks spend so much money to do things like that after all.



A little comedy writing this morning for New York...then my wife, daughter and myself are going to catch "The Greatest Showman" musical in movie theaters right now starring Hugh Jackman


Hope you have a great Wednesday too.


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