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Polar Dips...Tumbleweeds...Lazy Days

Jan 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning and it’s the 2nd day of the New Year and it feels like everyone is still on vacation.



A lazy New Years Day filled with college bowl games and family.  My daughter and her husband were at the house for dinner before they left to see the Broadway musical “Hamilton”.  Why my daughter did not snag tickets for her Mom and Dad too is beyond me.  Heather had a friend get her two tickets for a show that’s routinely impossible to get tickets for.  I’m waiting to hear the review later today.


It’s been a long enough period now of downtime that I’ll be ready for the schedule to crank up a bit again next week.



Once again I did not participate in a Polar Dip even though there were folks jumping into a lake nearby.  My friend Vickie Hudson sent me a picture of her in elaborate butterfly wings getting ready to dip into the Gulf waters yesterday down in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Vickie’s favorite song of mine is Leave Em’ Laughin’ and after seeing her pictures yesterday I think she may be living my song!  I’ll be seeing Vickie and her husband Larry at our “Evening In The Round” concert with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, myself and special guest Brent Burns when we play the United Methodist Church Auditorium on Thursday night February 13.  That will be fun.


And I also just got this TICKET LINK for an Evening in the Round show coming up February 8 at the Princess Theatre in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee (near Chattanooga) before our run to Gulf Shores.  Just click on the link to purchase tickets for that show. 



Apparently there’s a new sport called “Ice Climbing”.  Those long frozen sheets of ice that hang off of mountains?  There are now adventurers that like to climb those instead of the mountain itself.  It would be just my luck to get half way up…get stuck…and then out of nowhere a warming trend hits.  There’s never been a time in my life I’ve looked at hanging ice and thought, “man, that would be fun to climb”!  Nope.



What’s that insurance company who runs the commercial about “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”?  Wonder if they cover damage from hitting a tumbleweed in the middle of the road?  In Washington State tumbleweeds clogged one highway and cars got trapped in it.  Tumble Dang Weeds.  Ya never hear of those kind of traffic warnings on the radio.  Beware of fog, ice, wet roads, but not once have I heard the Traffic Reporter issue a tumbleweed road-closing alert.



Folks love Willie’s go to choice for chilling out.  So much so that they lined up forever to buy legal weed in Chicago yesterday…newly approved legal.  With the wave of violence that keeps hitting the Windy City…it was nice to know some of those Chicagoans just chilled out on New Years Day.  Dude.



I did not know until I read it this morning that the planet loses 13 BILLION trees per year and only regains half of them.  Now a group of scientists in Canada have come up with part of the solution for sure.  They’ve now loaded drones with tree pods that allow them to fly them over areas of tree loss and fire those pods down growing new trees.


Man, if they can figure a way to do that for the millions of us suffering hair loss…that would be awesome!  Fire a couple down boys.



Still in holiday mode.  And it’s raining and gray.  I see a trip to the gym to help me get over my guilt I’ll have later sitting on the couch watching more college football.


Have a great Thursday!

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