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Aquaman...Pickle Ball Diet...Small Towns

Jan 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back to work in 2019 we go.



We got wet…sort of.  My wife and I took in the Aquaman movie.  Fun…long…great special effects.  If you’re into the whole Marvel superhero thing…you’ll like it.  If you don’t dig big wet guys carrying a pitchfork…maybe you won’t.


And the rest of New Years Day was spent on the couch watching the college football bowl games.  Wonder if Texas will now have to sedate that big ole Longhorn Steer that almost got loose to go after the Georgia Bulldog before the game started?  Might have been a sign as Texas upset Georgia last night in the Sugar Bowl.



Someone in New Jersey I believe won 421 million dollars in the Mega millions drawing.  Now THAT is a good way to start a New Year.  I’m guessing that person will buy a ticket every New Years Eve from now on.



Most of us have already broken our New Years resolutions.  Right?  I’m going to the gym today.  I’m guessing it will be really crowded.  But by this time next week…I’m betting not so much. I’ve never been a resolution guy.  I have silent goals I work towards but I never resolute anything.  Nobody discovers if you’ve failed to reach a goal or achieved a resolution if you never say it out loud.  Saying.



Right now those that jump on and off diet plans are jumping on the Keto Diet.  You can look it up.  I might have a better chance of dropping pounds if I play PICKLE BALL.  Yep…it’s a game.  One woman claims she lost 90 pounds playing that game. 


I’m trying to figure a way to just stay even on pounds when I eat at Cracker Barrel and play that golf tee game. 



A lot of folks did that Polar Bear Dip on the first day of the year.  Those with real guts are the ones that do it in Alaska or Minnesota…not on the beaches south.  Of course those are the same people that would have a lot of trouble passing a sanity test too.



I had not seen the McCauley Culkin's  “Google”  TV commercial until yesterday and it made me smile.  Talk about nostalgia.  The morning producer Charlie Mattos told me I had to see that and then I kind of forgot about it until it popped up a few times yesterday in between bowl games.  If you loved “Home Alone” this will make you smile too.  Check out the VIDEO “you filthy animal”.



One couple argued over who would get the toilet seat in their divorce.  It was gold.  Okay…I guess I kinda get that.  The loser got the silver plunger I’m guessing.



Now…here’s an ARTICLE where the writers point out the Best Small Towns in each state.  I looked up my home state of Missouri and of course it’s a town I never heard of.  Kimmswick.  Could be because the population is 200.  It’s on the Mississippi River just south of St. Louis if for any reason your ever looking.  Click on the link above if you’re interested in checking out the small town pick in your state.



“Woman Uses Asparagus To Predict The Future”.  Uh huh.  And people pay her.  Two problems for me.  One…I don’t believe in psychics.  Two…I don’t believe in asparagus.  Drop your money down with the veggie lady if you’d like.  I’ll pass.  I know my future already…and no asparagus is included.



Nothing huge today.  Catching up…writing a parody song for my New York folks and visiting the Y today.  They’re giving out free t-shirts.  Just the kind of motivation I need to go.


Have a great Monday!





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