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Here we go now...full steam ahead into 2018 with the first full blog of the New Year.  If you can't tell looking outside my little blogging window this morning...it's COLD!








I had a very full and fun weekend ringing out the old and ringing in the New Year.  Caught a couple of movies.  Jumanji and the latest Star Wars.  I was not surprised at how good Star Wars was but Jumanji was a very fun surprise suggested by my daughter Heather.  Fun chemistry with that cast that includes "The Rock", Kevin Hart, Jack Black and others.  Speaking of which...the two highest grossing actors are Vin Diesel and "The Rock".  Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is 3, Emma Watson (Harry Potter) is 4 and Johnny Depp despite being in several poorly performing movies was in at 5. 



I also played a very fun songwriters round this past Saturday night in Columbia, TN with songwriting pals Bobby Tomberlin and Steve Dean.  Thanks to all who came out from the cold to join us.  Bobby slayed them with his song "Where Ever She Is...I Hope She Stays There".  As I said from the stage...that song proves it' not just Taylor Swift who can write hateful songs.  It was great hearing Steve do his number one song for Lee Greenwood "Hearts Aren't Made To Break"...and I gotta say...folks kind liked my "Spam" song.  It was fun entertaining you folks.






And yesterday our little family joined our great friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis and their family and friends for a full day of catching up, food, conversation...and lots of football.  It's always great getting to spend time in great company.  As you can imagine...this is SEC country so there was a lot of rooting going on for those two teams.  Must have worked as Georgia and Alabama will now play for the National Championship.  Great way to start off 2018.



And how about this.  My friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores wrote this song about the Weather Channel dude "Jim Cantore".  Here' the full song if you've not heard it before. 


The song gets a LOT of laughs when either of us play it on the coast.  They put this song on a Trop Rock compilation CD.  A lot of beach type artists (Trop Rock) like my friend Brent contributed a song to the CD to help raise money to aid those affected by the last big hurricane that hit Florida.  A few days ago the Weather Channel plugged the cause and the CD and played guess which song...a part of it anyway?  That's right.  And in this great VIDEO...you can see Jim Cantore's reaction to our little tune.  Pretty danged funny.



I have a feeling I'll be writing yet another parody song this morning for my friends in New York about the Powerball.  It's worth over 400 MILLION now.  It's amazing how I know there is no chance to win...but I make my 2 dollar donation because I can't figure any other way I'll have a chance to make that kind of money.  I had thought that the tips I'd get from joining the Senior Chippendale Dancers might do the trick.  I was wrong.



One can do almost anything naked these days.  There's a naked restaurant in Paris.  And now they are opening a naked gym in NYC.  I just don't wanna see that on a treadmill or in set of squats.  Considering the shape I'm in...I'm more likely to join the EXTRA LAYER OF CLOTHES Gym when that opens.



When I first went to Milwaukee....mid to early 90's...the GM at the radio station I was hired at was ahead of his time in many ways.  A great forward creative thinker.  He had the first STAND UP desk that I had ever seen.  At the time...I'm sure they thought being on your feet was healthier than sitting behind a corporate desk all day.  Now comes a study that says those who stand all day behind a desk are twice as likely to develop heart disease.  Go figure.  So..if you're opting for a stand up desk...my advice would be to run in place behind the desk to decrease those odds.  But please...don't run naked.  Go to THAT gym if you're going to do that. 



A reminder.  If you see a cloud of smoke over California...it's not those wildfires.  They just started selling marijuana legally.  I would not be surprised to see either Cheech or Chong in the Governors chair soon.



Trying to ease your concerns.  Kim Jong Nutcase in Korea now tells us he has a nuclear button on his desk.  I'm betting it looks like the one pictured here.  He'll be greatly surprised when he hits it and a load of staple guns and office supplies bury him in a pile.



I've got a few things I have to write for New York...and then it's time to hit the gymn.  NO..not THAT gym. 


Have a great Tuesday!

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