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New Years Eve Round...Good Deeds...Kissmobile

Jan 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a New Year.  Fireworks woke me up that were going off nearby while I was sleeping.  I rolled over, saw the clock…midnight.  So…Happy New Year to all of us.



Early yesterday evening my wife and I went to a song pull that a friend Ginny Foley throws at her house every now and then.  It had been awhile since we’d gone so it was good to see Ginny and her husband Marty as well as my longtime friend Karen Wheeler and her husband Glenn as well as Karen’s brother Danny.  Karen and Danny’s Dad was the late Onie Wheeler who played harp for Roy Acuff for a very long time but also had some radio hits of his own back in the day and wrote some significant tunes like this “Go On”


Karen and I did a few dates on the road together.  One memorable two week stay at the Michigan State Fair in Detroit.  A ventriloquist with his hand up a bird opened each show then I’d do a few and then Karen would come out as the headliner and yodel and do her mule whistle and her songs and tear those folks up out front listening while they enjoyed their cold drinks and corn dogs.  We stood in front of an amphitheater one night and heard Don Vincent sing “American Pie” and “Vincent” that Karen’s brother Danny now sings so well.  And she took me on the bus to meet Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee who were in the middle of the Urban Cowboy movie craze and were HUGE stars at the time.  So Karen and I have been friends for a long time and my wife and I love her and her husband Glenn.


As long as you can know folks you can always find out something new about them. Until last night I did not know that Karen played for 30 days in Viet Nam with Roy Acuff as a 21-year-old girl. They flew them in and out of places to play including Thailand and all over Nam.  Yes…at times she was scared.  Just like Bob Hope…Roy Acuff was a big deal for the troops back then.


And I did not know that her husband Glenn served in Viet Nam and somehow survived.  Geez.


Karen has aphasia unfortunately and that prevents her from singing.  She’s going to therapy classed to learn how to talk again.  I had not seen her since that happened but I was encouraged that she can talk slowly and carefully and still be funny. But for not her singing voice has been silenced.  That did not stop us from having great fun last night.  I trust that she’ll get better and better.



I was sound asleep before midnight but my daughter Heather and her husband Casey were at our house by the time we returned from our musical gathering last night so I had a chance to wish my daughter a Happy Birthday before conking out and letting them stay up to watch the ball drop on TV or whatever people do now when midnight on New Year’s Eve happens. 



That good deeds can help reduce physical pain.  I can believe that. A large part of what I do on stages across the country is I sing a lot of funny songs. People laugh.  Sometimes a lot…and sometimes very loudly.  That’s music to my ears.  I like to remind folks that nobody is hurting when they laugh.  And I can believe that if you do something good for someone it helps you ignore whatever ails you too.  We should all probably try to do that a little more.



Go Banking just printed a list of the 50 cities that have the most undervalued homes…price wise.  And it’s pretty surprising when you check their LIST.  There are a LOT of cities in California and Florida.  That could be because in California the tax rate in almost unbearable and folks are moving out…and the constant noise of discs banging into each other on all those shuffleboard courts outside the home windows in Florida…well…nuff said.



Hershey’s has announced they are retiring those Hershey Kissmobiles!  They’ve been around since 1997 but officials say they worry about safety and it’s harder and harder to find parts of those custom built things.  Apparently one is in the museum that have in Pennsylvania at Hershey Park and that will remain now as a piece of nostalgia.  I’ve been in the Wienermobile.  In fact we used it to take a kid to school one day up in Wisconsin as a contest winner when I was doing a morning show there.  He was like a rock star when it rolled up and he stepped out the weenie to the envy of everyone else.


But…I’ve never been in the Kissmobile and that has no chance of happening now.  Wonder if it smelled like chocolate when it backfired?



Word is now that “Cats” the movie could actually lose 70 million dollars.  Like a cat I guess the producers and studio folks will be licking their wounds and themselves for a long time. 



Meanwhile…folks LOVE this dog that plays Jenga.  Uh huh.  It plays Jenga!  Watch THIS.  I’m hoping this will lead a group of dog owners teaching their hounds how play Twister together.  “Uh…what is THAT on the red circle”?



An umbrella that lights up and makes it look like a Star Wars saber.  You know you want this!


Or…the Samsung TV that’s out that turns into a portrait instead of a black screen when you turn it off.  I’m getting one.  And when mine turns off it will look like Elvis on velvet.



Well, we get to spend some time early in the day with our daughter and son in law and then the rest of the day will find me in front of the TV for the Rose Bowl parade, and a couple of big college football bowl games.  Tradition.  Not a bad way to kick off the first day of 2020.


Have a great Wednesday!

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