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New Years Eve...New Years Day...Yodeling In Swiss

Jan 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy New Years!  Hello 2019.  Although some folks are still holding onto Christmas.  At the McDonald’s I was in this morning early…Christmas music is still being played.  How many shopping days left?



Well…part of my ringing out the old was on WSM radio as I was on air from 10-3 yesterday.  The Opryland Hotel was full with tourists in town to celebrate the big New Years Eve celebration downtown where folks like Keith Urban and Peter Frampton played for FREE right before they dropped a big ole musical note to signify the end of 2018.


I got to wish my daughter Heather a Happy Birthday on the air and my wife and I spent a little time with a few friends in a song pull last night that was fun.


On our drive home my wife and I saw fireworks going up in the sky which made me realize why we had spotted a fireworks tent open a few days earlier.  I scratched my head at the time wondering why?  Found out last night.  Folks throw up rockets to celebrate most anything.


And then…I was sound asleep before they dropped anything anywhere.  Welcome to the New Year.



New Years Day…kind of looks like New Years Eve.  Cloudy.  Makes me think how when I was young I got so excited the first time I went from my home state of Missouri over the border to Illinois.  I was excited about seeing a new state and of course when I crossed over the border…it looked just the same as Missouri.  I was so disappointed.



And…now the New Year has my full attention.  And it looks to be as busy or busier than 2019.  Hopefully I’m going to have some cool news to share here very soon.  News that should become a highlight for 2019.


And…my performance schedule in the New Year is filling up nicely too with visits to Florida, Alabama, Branson Missouri 3 times, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and a cruise down the Rhine River with visits to Amsterdam, Germany and Switzerland.


I tend to mostly look forward…not backwards and I’m certainly looking forward to what the New Year brings.



While my wife and I will be in Switzerland in late June early July…I’m going to try and enroll us at Lucerne University in Geneva who offer a degree in yodeling!  And you can learn to play one of those big alpine horns.  I can’t wait to drag both of those musical skills on stage with me.  Although…finding a traveling case for an alpine horn is not going to be easy.



They are saying that if you want to see Venice in the future…you may have to pay admission.  The town is that crowded with tourists.  We were there last year with no admission…but yes…crowded.  Very.  Worth seeing…once for sure.  And maybe just once.  We loved the little outer fishing islands the boated us too as much as the main land.  Burano and the glass blowing factory is worth the trip.  Take lots of money if you’re going to buy. 



I just read this headline this morning I have GOT to check out.  “How To Lose Weight And Still Eat Pasta”.  The sad part of this diet though is it still includes veggies.  And it’s just a side dish.  Sigh. 


Lots of folks eliminate sugar and flour from their diets to help them lose weight.


Currently I’m on the lose vegetables diet.  So far it’s not working that well…but I’m patient man.



“Fisherman Pulls In 40 Pound Bag Of Cocaine”.  No word on if he used artificial or “live” bait.



Taking my wife to see Aquaman today.  Uh huh.  Big bulky wet dude that’s filling the theaters apparently.  Going to be a lot of pressure after my wife sees him and then watches me on my Veggie Free Diet for sure. 


And then I’m going to be pretty much planted on the couch watching the football games unfold.  Exciting right?


Have a great New Years Day!



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