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Bill's Blog

Upgrades...Glen's Last Album and CD Party Tonight

Very very quiet at the Whyte House this morning as my girls have left for a couple of days to check up on family in Cincinnati.  When this happens I have to stop and think, "do I remember how ...

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Cowboy Throw Down...The Wichita Lineman and Lotto Time

Well...it is a a tad unsettling to wake up thinking Dennis Rodman may be our best chance at saving the world.  Sigh.



I was on Music Row writing with my buddy ...

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Music Monday...Naked Songs and Sam

And hello August. 



Monday was a creative start to the week.  I wrote with a new friend Marcee Williams for the first time.  She and her husband, ...

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Puckett's...The Pentagon and Snake On My Face

Feels a tad like Fall this morning on the last day of July...and nobody is complaining here bout that.



Friday night I played a show at the Puckett's Grocery & ...

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Goodbye San Diego

Airport city again today.



Well...I did get to San Diego...and did have a great time.  Short blog here as I am sitting at the airport flying standby again hoping to get ...

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OJ Again...Cornhole and Popular Bands

And it's already Thursday?



My one "had to do" was write a parody about the OJ parole hearing which is today.  Will OJ get out?  We'll see.  What an American ...

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Prayers, Emergency Vacation and A Cure For NASCAR

And...we have a heat wave.  Middle-late July...sounds about right.  Growing up we had window fans and shade trees.  AC was such a good idea wasn't it?



Spent a ...

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Scotland...Eagles and Superman

Thinking I'm going to look great in a kilt.



Over the weekend I got a surprise invitation to go to Scotland with my great friend Brent Burns and a bunch ...

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Florida Ahead...Hyperlooping...and Baby On Board

Apr 10 , 2017 | Posted by: Bombplates | 0 Comments

Easter week.  Do you know where your peeps are?
A pretty quiet weekend all told.  Our big success story was going out and buying a new big screen TV this weekend.  My wife and I totally ...

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Linda Davis - Kenny Rogers - Alan Jackson

Apr 7 , 2017 | Posted by: Bombplates | 0 Comments

And a good chilly morning to you from the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Knoxville overlooking the Cumberland River.
My wife Kathy and I left yesterday morning almost the minute I got off the radio ...

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