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Bill's Blog

Hockey & Music...Mexico Sports...Amazing Grace

Apr 6 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday is on us…sun’s coming up over Old Hickory Lake this morning outside my window.



I wrote with my east coast pal Rob Bellamy out in ...

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Mr. Miller Song...Pearly Gates...New Road Dates

Apr 5 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Start of a new week…Monday. I hope you didn’t put all your eggs in one basket over Easter weekend.



This one started with a fun co-writing session with ...

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Opening Day Gathering...More Shows...Muppet List

Apr 2 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Fridaaaaay! And just like that it’s Easter weekend. I’ve got to go get ham and peeps today. It also turned cooler in Nashville. Temperature is right on the freezing mark of 32 right now with a high in the low to mid-40’s today....

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Two For One Day...Mobile Date Confirmed...Denture Cat

Apr 1 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

April Fool’s Day!  Fair warning. And…it’ Opening Day for baseball.



I wrote with an old friend ...

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The Quacker...More New Shows...Fishin Hurts

Mar 31 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Hump Day…and the last day of ole March. Bring on Easter and Opening Day baseball. We had even more rain here last night (good for the Ark Building industry) but got the lawn mowed for the first time this year before it started coming down ...

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More Rain Coming...Bird Chasing...Mouth Trumpet

Mar 30 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday and we’re getting ready to say goodbye to March but not before it dumps even more rain on us in Nashville. After all the flooding we’ve had here comes another couple of inches of rain with storms starting late tonight. 7 pm this ...

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Stormy Weekend...New Music...New Tour Dates

Mar 29 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Monday morning and the weather is better here in Music City. In fact the sun is shining brightly. But..it was quite the stormy and loud weekend here over Friday night through Saturday and Saturday night that had a mixture of everything bad. ...

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Survived The Storm...Hometown Songs...A Pickle That Yodels

Mar 26 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Nice to see Friday and the weekend show up after an adventurous weather afternoon and evening here in Nashville yesterday. 2-inch hail just south of town. That’ll leave a dent on the hood of your Pinto for sure. 50-70 mph winds hit East ...

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Tornado Season...Daredevil Kids...Back To Writing

Mar 25 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Thursday morning…batten down the hatches is what they’re saying here. It’s already raining and the forecast calls for flooding, winds, hail and STRONG tornadoes. Lovely. Further south down in Pensacola where we visit every now and ...

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Storms Coming...Don't Move Yourself...Winemakers

Mar 24 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

It’s the last Hump Day of March. All eyes on the weather here in Nashville as we have a RED weather alert tomorrow. Heavy rain in the morning is predicted and that’s followed by damaging winds and possible tornadoes in the afternoon....

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