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Bill's Blog

Christmas Songwrite...Gold Medal Friends and Margarita Day

Might as well put that Beatles hit on a loop here in Nashville..."Here Comes The Rain".  5 inches or more on the way over the next several days...flash flooding.  Well....at least the water will fill up the potholes....

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Farm Song...John Denver and Little Scooter

Flat out balmy outside with lots of rain on the way.  It's also the official beginning of Pothole season here in Nashville and I'm happy? to report that I bagged my limit yesterday.  My front end and teeth both need to be realigned....

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Writing Trio...Dolly Says No and Meetings

We set a record high yesterday...and another record high is predicted for today as we head near 80 degrees!  No complaints here.  I get to write a song in flip flops in February.



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Back From The Gulf...President Day...Weed With Willie

Short sleeve weather today and it do feel like Spring has broken in Music City.



I'm thinking that maybe my wife and I loaded the nice weather we had in Gulf Shores and ...

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Gulf Shores Show Tonight...President Day Sales...Daytona This Weekend

Wow...some DEEP fog this morning in Gulf Shores, Alabama...but the great news is...it's burnt off...the sun is screaming through a clear sky and it's going to be 80 for a high today!  Flip flop, shorts, sunglasses...appropriate stage wear ...

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Suns Up...Hits & Grins Shows...Animal House

The sun is going to break today here in Gulf Shores and be in the mid-70's.  Shorts & flip flops and boat drinks are the order of the day.  Yes...life is really tough down here.




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Gulf Shores...Valentine...Storytellers Museum Show

Happy Valentine Day from beautiful Gulf Shores. 






My wife and I made the 7 hour maybe a bit more drive from Nashville to one of our ...

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Gulf Shores Ready...Daryl Singletary....Valentine Day

Bags and guitar in the hallway...Gulf Shores bound this morning.



Most of Monday was about making sure we're good to go for the trip down to Gulf Shores, Alabama this morning....

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Friday Night Opry...Movies and Gulf Shores Tomorrow

We've had enough rain for Noah to start his own Uber company.  3 inches over the weekend.  Kinda makes me glad we're headed for the Gulf Coast tomorrow.



I had a ...

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Album Release Party...Olympics and Opry Tonight

Bring on the weekend.



I was in studio yesterday morning with Kaitlyn Baker who's a Virginia girl who idolizes Loretta Lynn and has the southern accent to ...

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