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Bill's Blog

WSM 4th Of July Holiday

Jul 3 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Happy 4th of July weekend!  And happy birthday to my lovely wife Kathy Whyte today!   She would be the big "sparkler" in my life for sure.


No blog today because once again I'm up dark ...

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Social Network...Idol Dollars and Biting Masseuse

Jun 29 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

All is quiet over Old Hickory Lake as I look out my little blogging window this morning.  A few clouds on this next to last day of June which is mind boggling to me...that it's already July.  Wow.



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Wood...Back To The Beach...and Man Walks Into A Bar

Jun 28 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Last "Hump Day" of June.  And that makes you ask, "where the heck did June go"?



I had a full Tuesday that started with writing a parody song about obese pets.  Uh ...

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Not Just Baseball...Fireworks Already and Bluegrass Tonight

Jun 27 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Nearing the end of June and we're in the 70's.  Reality and summer pokes it's head up starting tomorrow as we go back to 90.



I got to enjoy the weather yesterday getting ...

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Kentucky Festival...Old Friends and Goofy

Jun 26 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

77 for a HIGH today.  No complaints about that.  The rain moved through...and now we have a perfect Monday weather wise.  I see a walk and a ballgame in my near future.



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Busy Radio Days...Hall Of Fame Night...Music Festival Saturday

Jun 23 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Bags and a guitar ready to go.  Headed to a music festival in Dry Ridge, Kentucky near Cincinnati.  More on that at the end of the blog today.



It's been a couple busy ...

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Jun 22 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

It's been a crazy run of days and today once again I'm on eary on WSM radio heard worldwide at wsmonline.com...so no real blog again this morning.  I'm on air til 10 am this morning if you want to tune in.  Special guests ...

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Jun 21 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

No real blog again this morning as I am once again tucked away inside the WSM radio studio located inside the Opryland Hotel.  I'm on this morning and tomorrow morning from 5:30 AM-10 AM filling in for Bill Cody.  Don't ...

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Jun 20 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

So last night I go to a baseball game and get the mandatory "I need to see your license" to purchase a beer.  State law.  The vendor says, "you look really great for your age".  I'm still trying to figure out if that's a ...

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The Opry...Pete...and Whiskey

Jun 19 , 2017 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

And here's hoping you had a great Father's Day too. 



So...my daughter Heather and her fiancee' Casey took me and my wife out to a Japanese dinner yesterday and then we ...

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