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Bill's Blog

Great Writing Session...Special Musical Evening...Father's Day Weekend

Jun 18 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

And…it’s the weekend again just like that. Not only is it Father’s Day weekend, but the first official day of summer falls on that same day…this Sunday. 93 here for a high today, and the Gulf Coast is now under a tropical storm ...

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Hip-Hop Writing...Hot...and Slogans

Jun 17 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Thursday morning in Music City.



I was online with my longtime talented buddy Brady Seals and for the first ...

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Peyton on a Baseball...North Carolina Rhymes...Elephant Trunk Speed

Jun 16 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Right in the middle of the week. And yea it’s hot, but nothing like Phoenix. They had a 115-degree high in the desert yesterday!



I was in the recording studio ...

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A New Co-Writer...Girl Scout Cookie Listeners...Studio Day

Jun 15 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday…all day.



I wrote with Christian songwriter Belinda Smith ...

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Lot of Baseball...Ned Beatty...Star Wars Kind Of Show

Jun 14 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Monday morning has somehow rolled around again. Feeling like summer here in the south with a high of 92 today. But hey, at least the humidity is high.



I did ...

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Blues Rhyming...Biscuit Tossing...More Road Ahead

Jun 11 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Here comes the weekend! The sky is rumbling a bit outside my blogging window this morning and we’ll get a little more rain today before we jump back up into the hot 90’s.



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Home From The Gulf...Backyard Concert...Cicada Choir

Jun 9 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Wednesday morning and I’m back home in Nashville. I had an early in the dark start yesterday to get home after two shows on the Gulf Coast so that’s why there was no blog yesterday.



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Mobile Concert...Creative Yard Sign...Gulf Shores Show Tonight

Jun 7 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

And a good Monday morning to you from Gulf Shores, Alabama where I’m getting ready for a house concert tonight with Brent Burns. 83 with some rain is the expected high here today…so not as warm as some parts of the country ...

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Parrot Heads in a Coffeehouse...Anniversary...Beach Shows this Weekend

Jun 4 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Friday morning and I’m packed and ready for a run to the beach for a couple of shows. More on that at the end of today’s blog.



My friend Brent Burns ...

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