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Bill's Blog

Malpass Brothers...Moving Video...Small Schools

Jan 26 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Last Hump Day of the month. A 39-degree high with nothing but sunshine is on tap today here in Twang Town. Beats the heck out of being near that “weather bomb” they’re calling for in the northeast. Never a good thing when the weather ...

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Cocktail Tunes...New Music Ahead...The Malpass Brothers

Jan 25 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday morning come at ya. Yesterday was a postcard day in Nashville with nothing but sun and we almost hit 60. Springlike for sure, and ain’t nobody here complaining. BUT…quite a turn for today with a high of just 34 and low of 19 ...

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Great Show With Special Guests...Great Football...Great TV Series

Jan 24 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

It’s Monday again…already. And with the start of a new week we will see the temperature back up in the 50’s. Yes!



I had a musical weekend for sure ...

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Road Dates...Radio Show Tonight...Linda Davis Show Tomorrow Night

Jan 21 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 1 Comment

Friday and a weekend is on us full of NFL playoff football. And I’m a guest on a streaming show tonight and playing a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott tomorrow night. Busy weekend, and more on that is coming up at ...

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Down A Writer...Walk of Fame...Funny Sentences

Jan 20 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Thursday morning in Music City USA and after a good soaking rain all day yesterday, overnight we added a trace of snow, and maybe a little ice. It might be an adventure going straight down my driveway in a few hours.


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Trop Rock Writing...Rainbow Songs...Messy Crows

Jan 19 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Hump Day time. Fairly nice here in middle Tennessee today. 53 with rain today, then a “wintry mix” tonight followed by a 33-degree high tomorrow! Gonna freeze my grits!



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TV Music...Expensive Playhouses...Beach Writing Today

Jan 18 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday morning is rolling in and it’s a nippy 29 above as I begin this Tuesday blog. Sunshine and a high of 49 in Nashville today. With cooler weather comes comfort food like pinto beans and cornbread that my wife made this week. Grew up ...

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Gospel Grass...Great Losses...Weird Festivals and Traditions

Jan 17 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Monday morning, Martin Luther King. And I hope you have a dream too. Here in Nashville as far as the weather? We got lucky. We got a little snow, none of it stuck to the road so we can get out. So a best-case scenario. It was ...

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Songwriter Podcast Exercise...Old Folk Stuff...If I Was Jesus

Jan 14 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Friday morning and we’re looking at a snowy-rainy weekend ahead. We could get up to 5 inches…again. Sigh. That means we’ll be locked in for a while. That means all out panic here with folks flooding to the grocery stores again to grab ...

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An Album Party...Rodeos & Job Interviews

Jan 13 , 2022 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Thursday morning in Nashville with a 52-degree high today. But all eyes on the weekend when snow could sneak back in.



We had an absolutely beautiful day here ...

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