Bill Whyte Comedy Bio

    Bill Whyte's unique presentation of funny and twisted songs makes him a favorite everywhere he entertains.
   Whether he's picking on pseudo celebrities in his song "Celebutard" or wondering how much he could get away with in "If I Had Boobs" he always leaves the crowd laughing. 
   Bill's song "I'm Goin Ugly Early Tonight" which has been recorded by Cledus T. Judd is the perfect howling climax for his stand up-singing routine.
  His current comedy cd is titled "Off The Wall" and was recorded "live" at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.  He has worked comedy shows with Heywood Banks, Jeff Dunham, Larry The Cable Guy and more. 
  Bill's other career is that of a morning radio guy.  He's on the air currently at B105.1 in Cincinnati.  He's been on the air in Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Nashville and has won numerous broadcast awards including the prestigious CMA Award for "Best Large Market Personality".
  Bill is also a serious songwriter and has written with hit writers and artists like Keith Anderson, Billy Dean, Linda Davis, Wil Nance and others.  Bill also has the title song in the upcoming movie "Cornhole The Movie".  
  His current projects include co-writing  a movie script about his first experience in small market radio.

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