Off the Wall
King of Karaoke
The Dipstick Song
Some Things Don't Go Togetehr
Goin' Ugly Early
If I Had Boobs
If George Strait Starts Dancin'
Men Fake it Too
Trailer Park Sexy
FTF (Forget the French)
10 Religion Scares the Hell Out of Me
11 I'm Not Coming Back...and Neither is Elvis
Off the Wall
 Song Credits

Cledus T. Judd
If George Strait Starts Dancing (Somebody Shoot Me In The Head)
I'm Going Ugly Early Tonight
If I Had Kellie Pickler's Boobs
Brady Seals
Been There, Drunk That

Linda Davis
Snowed In Christmas

Ray Stevens

Kacey Jones
Whatever Happened To Kenny Rogers Face

Darin and Brooke Aldridge

Karen Wheeler
I Won't Fall In Love (Til The Next Time)

Rebel Road
Johnny Nace
Staying Long Enough To Leave

Karen Taylor Good
I'm Going Under
Karla Crawford
Is It Gettin' Drunk In Here
Brent Burns
Going Ugly Early Tonight
Men Fake It Too
FTF (Forget The French)
Margarita Smile
Trailer Park Sexy
Sympathy Card
Size Matters
Santa's Gone Nascar
The Santa Boat
I'm Not Gay
Sand Is Getting Heavy In My Shoes
Here's To The Drunk Tourist
Double Wide In The Sky
Stuff Like That 
Kenny Rogers Face
I'm Here Cause I Wanna Be
Stylin' On The Island I Laughed Until I Cried
Cause I'm A Guy
The Less I Do
Man Card
Better Live It Up
Living In Paradise Working In Hell
Don't Come Knockin' If The Tiki Hut's Rockin'
Cheap White Wine, Cheap White Women
I Miss My Boat
Baby Boomers
Unplug My Give A Rip
Life In The Slow Lane
Be My Baby Boomer Baby
Watson and Nash
Bring It On
Small Price To Pay
Tough People Do
Up On The Wheel
Santa's Boot Scootin' Boogie
Hey Y'all Watch This
All I Want For Christmas is My Billy Bass
Daddy's On Parole This Christmas
Egg Nogg Boogie
Deck The Double Wide
Yee Haw Ho Ho Ho 
Goin' Ugly Early
He's A Coming
Deeper Shade Of Blue Collar
Rowdy In A Dry County

Living Out In The Country
I'll Join The Amish
The F And G Song
Never In A Million Years
Hits And Grins Theme
What Happens With The Beer Just Stays Here

Snowed In Christmas

What About Us
But I Love Him

Goin' Ugly Early

What Would Jimmy Do


King of Karaoke
I had this idea in my hook book for a while and knew it would be a great co-write with Wil Nance. I love the visual image the song gives. It's one of my favorites on the CD and is dedicated to all those karaoke singers that still believe they've got what it takes to be a star...and to their family and friends who tell them how great they are.

The Dipstick Song
Inspired by the continuing high rise of gas prices which no one seems to have a clear explanation for.
Some Things Don't Go Togetehr
Lisa Shaffer's father called me one morning and told me about his daughter. Over a Christmas break Lisa and I got together and started this idea about things that don't go together. A month or so later at a writing cabin her Dad owned in Gatlinburg, we added Wil Nance to the mix and finished the song. The song on this CD is actually a funny version of the very commercial song we wrote. Fortunately...Wil and Lisa both laughed when they heard it the night it was recorded at the Bluebird.
Goin' Ugly Early
This was an idea my beach buddy, Brent Burns, had started. A friend of his used to say the line out loud and Brent had filed the idea away for writing. I'm glad it was me that finished the thought with him. Cledus T. Judd and Brent have both recorded the song on albums of their own. It's fun to watch the women in the audience explode in laughter when they realize that the joke is actually on the guy in this song.
If I Had Boobs
A very shallow song from a very shallow songwriter about all the things he could get away with...if only!
If George Strait Starts Dancin'
Inspired by the sight of She Daisy trying to dance during the CMA Awards Show one ever lasting thanks to them...and to Steve Ivey for getting the song to Cledus T. Judd. Incidentally, I don't believe that one single country singer has tried to dance on a CMA Award Show since...the power of a song.
Men Fake it Too
Brent Burns is a co-writer friend of mine who lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I spent a magical week with him a couple of years ago watching the waves lap up on the shore, downing cold ones at Papa Rocco's and writing five comedy songs. Three of them are included on this album. Brent has recorded all five on a cd of his called "Tropical Nuts." This was an idea that Brent had started and I helped him finish. Now men everywhere can toss back their heads like Meg Ryan and yell, "Yes...Yes...Yes!"

Trailer Park Sexy
Another cheap idea from the double-wide mind of Brent Burns. I knew this would be an idea that I could contribute to in a big way. Having lived in both single and double wide mobile homes...the song pretty much fell out like residents in a trailer park when a tornado is coming through. Linda Davis, the great singer and friend, once told me how she fell down laughing after hearing "She's just Jenny from the cement blocks"....that's high enough praise for me.
FTF (Forget the French)
Brent is a twice-wounded decorated Vietnam veteran. You can imagine his position on the French after they refused to participate with the United States in the war on terrorism. Forget The French is a tribute to "Le French"...and I'm happy to have lent a hand poking on our reluctant allies...and I'm proud of the reaction this song draws...especially from those proud men and women who serve our country.
Religion Scares the Hell Out of Me
When I was just 18 working at my first radio station in a trailer (see Trailer Park Sexy) I was in charge of turning the microphone on for preachers who had bought time on the radio. Looking through the glass at them screaming and slamming the bible on the control board scared the hell out of me. But hey...I got a song out of it.
I'm Not Coming Back...and Neither is Elvis
Inspired by all those folks who believe Elvis is still alive somewhere. Wil Nance and I spent a couple of writing sessions finishing off this idea between fits of laughter and peanut butter and nanner sandwiches.

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